Monday, August 8, 2016

Bloopers & Behind The Scenes: Ghostbusters 2016 review

(Scene starts with Renee Miller and Olivia Horvath in a Green Screen room)

James Faraci (Audio only): Okay, everybody ready, quiet on the set! Quiet everyone!  Olivia, Renee you two ready? And ACTION!

(Renee Smacks Olivia while saying her lines and accidentally slaps her in the face so hard it shakes the footage before James shouts "Cut!" before cutting to James getting to the studio as the instrumental of "Combine Harvester" plays in the background)

James Faraci: We're doing a behind the scenes and bloopers for my review of the Ghostbusters 2016 movie and I just came from seeing it with my mom and writing this review so this is probably the fastest turn around I've done on watching and writing a movie for a review I've done EVER! Um! Phew! Thankfully Phelan and Allison are in town for the next couple of days because I need all the friggin' help I can get. (Cut to the inside of James' studio's backroom as Olivia Horvath preps the members of James' team in being Ghosts.)

James Faraci (Audio only): Hi Phelan! Hi Allison!

Phelan Porteous: Hi James

Allison Pregler: So this is... What? A Behind The Scenes type of thing?

James Faraci (Audio only): Sort of. I'm also tossing in some bloopers in it as well.

Olivia Horvath: You know you have to get into this stuff as well.

James Faraci (Audio only):  I'm aware! (Cut to Olivia putting James in his Ghostly Makeup as Mike Santos films using James' Camera)

James Faraci: So I just shaved my stubble for this review and Olivia is about to do the magnificent Voodoo that she can do so well! (Sped up footage of James' make up transformation before the footage returns to normal speed)

Mike Santos (Audio Only): So how are you doing right now?

James Faraci: I'm okay, I just need Olivia and Traci's professional opinion. (Olivia and Traci come in as James looks in the mirror.) So Olivia, would these shades look good on her when we turn her into Synergy from the Classic Jem series?

Olivia Horvath: I actually was going to use a different palate of colors for her transformation into Synergy.

James Faraci: Oh okay, I just thought it would...

Olivia Horvath: Make my job easier?

James Faraci: Thinking that. Yeah! (James films again as Allison Pregler is going through having the makeup & appliances put on her.)

James Faraci (Audio only):  So Allison is going to be sliming Eliza, Traci & Olivia who will make her acting debut on "The Last Of The Americans" reviews as both Melissa McCarthy's Character and our Lindsay Nagel Q5 Focus Group person who will be unfortunately feeling the Wrath of Phelan over there.

Olivia Horvath: Well why am I going to be feeling "Phelan's Wrath"?

James Faraci (Audio only): PHELAN! GET OVER HERE NOW! TELL OLIVIA WHY YOUR WRATH WILL BE FELT BY HER LINDSAY NAGEL Q5 EXEC! (Phelan talks loud enough as he walks to James, Olivia and Allison)

Phelan Porteous: Well, ABC who was showing "The Real Ghostbusters" on their Saturday Morning Line-Up was doing well ratings wise when they made this biggest dumbass move in the history of dumbass moves ever by allowing a Focus Group to fix what wasn't broken. The name of the company was Q5 and they came up with a lot of Dumbass moves like in making Winston the Driver and giving Janine rounded glasses because they thought the glasses were too sharp and would scare kids.

Olivia Horvath: Bullshit!

Phelan: Yeah, that was bullshit and to be honest James I did also say that Bill Murray was the reason Lorenzo Music left not Q5.

James Faraci (Audio only): Well, I'd be willing to bet my last dollar that Q5 had their dirty hand in hiring Dave Coulier as Peter Venkman instead of working something out between Lorenzo and Bill. But here's the thing I've got no hate for Dave, I think he was doing it not out of spite of Lorenzo but just for a paycheck. I don't blame him for having Winston's mentality when it came to being on this show.

Allison Pregler: If there is a steady paycheck in it, I'll believe in anything you say.

James Faraci (Audio Only): Pretty much (Cut to James and everyone else at a theater.)

James Faraci (Audio Only): We're at the theater that I saw "Ghostbusters Answer The Call" and... I talked to the manager. We've got an hour and a half to film what we need to and if we get done early I would get us a chance to see "Ghostbusters: Answer The Call" again in 3D. So everyone, we kind of need to be on our A-Game, be totally professional. (Cut to James with a green mask over his face)

James Faraci: Okay Phelan, Are we ready?

Phelan Porteous (Audio only): We're ready and Action! (James takes five steps and nearly trips over himself.)

James Faraci: We'll pick up and edit out the mistake (James continues to walk forward and gets it in.) Okay I think we got it. (Cut to James and everyone at Team TLOTA preparing to use their proton packs when James' Proton wand falls apart.)

James Faraci: Okay, CUT! (Cut to three minutes later as James is using clear repair tape to repair his Proton pack's wand)

Phelan Porteous (Audio only): So what happened James?

James Faraci: Well I slammed the wand a little too hard and it broke in half the break was a clean break thankfully it's an easy fix and we'll get at it in a minute. (Cut to a black screen with white text that says "We got everything just under the wire and got a chance to see Ghostbusters. James was the only one who gave the movie the attention it deserved for the review. Cutting to James, Eliza, Allison, Mike, Nick & Eric outside of the studio)

Allison Pregler (Audio only): Is this a take on Doug's Meninsts from the "Mad Max" review?

James Faraci: Something like that. So Eliza, Unzip your uniform for a three count and when I say action you're gonna come up and Zip up and say your lines. One second, what are you three talking about? (Eric walks over and a countdown from ten to one and the words "James thinks Eric's crazy in:" over the numbers.)

Eric Kurtzke: We were wondering how far down she should go. We don't need to see her Mormon Underwear. The Ceremonial underwear that all Mormons wear.

James Faraci: WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Seriously, What is going on in that head of yours. Actually Eliza! You're a Mormon right?

Eliza Dushku: Yeah and to answer the question, we do have Ceremonial Underwear we wear at Church and at every special event.

James Faraci: I think I may need to be committed after this. (Cut to the Green Screen room as Eliza and Olivia are on a set of uneven boards as Eliza tries to pull out her Proton wand when it falls apart and James shouts "CUT!")

Nick Yaun (Audio only): What happened?

James Faraci (Audio only): The wand fell apart.

Nick Yaun (Audio only): I'm on it. (Cut to James in his chair dressed as the Dean of the University)

James Faraci: So I'm about to get my man marbles hit again. It's been a few months since the last time.

Phelan Porteous (Audio only): So While I have this moment of sanity and this seems rather harsh. Looking at this objectively, I have to ask if this is crazy.

James Faraci: Probably as sane as being on a Romantic Reality Show and Eliza, I won't hold you responsible if you wreck my junk. (Eliza and Phelous laugh before cutting to see Paulo Fonseca dressing up as The Mayor and Brenda Zamora giving him a kiss and Rebecca Yaun as The Mayor's Aide and Nick dressing up like Thor.)

James Faraci (Audio Only): So by the time this review and behind the scenes bit is done, You two will be married and again I wish I could go but I've got responsibilities. I do wish you the best but Paulo can I give you a suggestion to throw a little like Ricardo Montalban into your performance because when I heard Andy Garcia's Mayor I heard a bit of Ricardo in his inflections and his performance.

Paulo Fonseca: Awesome and I heard you had a problem with my sister.

James Faraci (Audio Only): Getting her a role, I didn't know if you would've been a better Kristin Wiig or Melissa McCarthy so I chose a lesser evil to put you as the Mayor's Aide and bring Olivia Horvath to be Melissa McCarthy and Eliza Dushku play Kristin Wiig so I had to make that tough decision. The only easy casting choice was Nick because Nick does look like Chris Hemsworth and I originally thought about not dressing him up as Thor but Nick what was your conclusion?

Nick Yaun: Thought that might be a subtle nod to Chris Hemsworth.

James Faraci (Audio Only): And I think it works. (Cut to Eliza, Olivia, Renee, Traci & John in the green screen room as John jumps back and speaks in tongues, screams in pain and says “Adieb! Adieb! Adieb! THAT’S ALL FOLKS!” and Everyone laughs before cutting to James, Phelous, Nick, John, Mike, Eric, Allison, Rebecca & Renee on top of a scaffold.)

James Faraci (Audio only): Are you guys filming down there?

Eliza Dushku (From a distance): We're filming and the Camera is protected.

James Faraci (Audio only): Okay, On Three I'll shout action and we slime you guys. Ready and One, Two, Three and... ACTION! (Everyone dumps the slime onto Eliza, Traci & Olivia before cutting to the aftermath.)

James Faraci (Audio Only): So how are you three holding up?

Olivia Horvath: Well since I've got Slime in places I never thought possible I can honestly say that getting slimed sucks! (Cut to James looking around where some crazy noises are coming from before James opens the door to the green room and seeing all the girls Lip Synching to "I Don't Care" by Icona Pop before James puts the camera on himself.)

James Faraci: Yeah, we just finished, they deserve it. (Cut to black)