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The five dislikes & likes of "Superman v Batman: Dawn Of Justice"

My name is James Faraci and I am an Internet Reviewer and no, I'm not doing this as "The Last Of The Americans". I am doing this as myself because it NEEDS to be done this way. Earlier this year a movie came out that DARED to call itself "Superman v Batman: Dawn Of Justice" and while the Extended cut is slightly better the fact is it split the Critics & the fans. However I found five things that I disliked and things I did like in the movie. (Cut to clips of the movie as James does a voiceover)

James Faraci (Voiceover): Number Five Con

5) Batman's reasons for killing

James Faraci (Voiceover): Believe it or not I think DC is HELLBENT on destroying their own legacy. The reason Batman doesn't kill his enemies is because his parents was killed by a thug with a gun who didn't care who he killed. Bruce Wayne knew killing his enemies didn't make him better than them it made him no different. But for some vague reason which was never fully explained in this movie Batman just decides "Eh Screw it, I'm gonna slaughter them all and let God sort it all out." NOT COOL DC! NOT COOL!

James Faraci (Voiceover): Number Four Con


James Faraci (Voiceover): When I mean no focus, I don't mean it doesn't focus on Batman taking on Superman there is some focus on that for the first hour after that the movie becomes a Clusterbank of trying to fill in an entire universe until the finale of this movie in which it tries to shove SO much that it destroys the focus of what it was trying to do, tell the story of two Superheroes with different ideologies coming to blows and eventually finding common ground. Hell Jeremy Irons thought the movie was a stuffed like a Thanksgiving Turkey. While I get what it was try to do, It failed miserably at doing so.

James Faraci (Voiceover): Number Three Con

3) Lois Lane

James Faraci (Voiceover): As much as people complained about Lois in "Man Of Steel" they should've saved how worthless she is IN THIS ONE! I did more in a day than Lois did throughout the entire movie! And this is where I DON'T blame Amy Adams as she knew the character but what happened I believe was a whole lot of rewrites that ruined the Character's personality. Amy, you are awesome but this time around you stunk on ice!

2) Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, His Plans and DOOMSDAY!

James Faraci (Voiceover): How do I put this delicately? Oh yeah, WHAT WAS DC THINKING?! Lex Luthor... Oh I'm sorry Lex Luthor Jr. is NOT as bonkers as this movie makes him out to be even at his wackiest he's not that insane! But yet somehow DC thought that Yes, this performance is perfect as Lex Luthor! And I've got nothing but respect for Jesse Eisenberg but HO BOY Jesse, do yourself a favor and fire your agent and hire someone better. But while I'm talking about Lex, let's talk about his plans. He plans on making everyone hate Superman by blowing up the Capital Building and YES EVERYONE REALIZES IT WASN'T HIM! Then he plans on using Zod's Ship, Kryptonian Technology, and combining Zod's DNA combined with Lex's to create a monstrosity which is supposed to be in fact Doomsday! Okay, First off Combining Lex Luthor's DNA with Kryptonian DNA is what happened in "Superman IV: The Quest For Peace" and what happened when that happened we got Nuclear Man and while yes when I was a kid I was scared of him. Now as a grown man, he's a laughable farce of an actual villain that makes me laugh and Secondly, Doomsday! WHAT IS UP WITH THE DESIGN OF DOOMSDAY?! HE LOOKS LIKE THE TROLL FROM LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RINGS MIXED WITH THE CURRENT DESIGN OF THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES IN MICHAEL BAY'S MOVIES! It's sad when the Doomsday in "Smallville" looks more like the Doomsday from the comics than the one in the major motion picture. Someone do me a favor and get Zack Snyder away from these movies. (Cut to James physically)

James Faraci: Now before I get to the Number one thing I dislike. I want to get to the five things I did like! (Cut to clips of the movie as James does a voiceover)

James Faraci (Voiceover): Number Five Pro

5) The Action

James Faraci (Voiceover): I could go on about how incredibly choreographed the action was in the brawl between Batman & Superman was. It was a pure Slobberknocker! Though I do wish it had it where Batman got his comeuppance by having Superman rip through Batman's armor and revealing the man underneath as the pathetic person he had become. But ultimately ends with Batman realizing how big a jack-ass he had become. So in a way Superman did win as much as Batman did while he was beating Superman like a government mule.

James Faraci (Voiceover): Number Four Pro

4) The Visuals

James Faraci (Voiceover): I have to admit, I loved the movie visually. The costumes looked as good as if they found the way to make them look like they did in the comic books. A lot of the scenes were visually amazing looking and none of the visuals were boring or made me want to look away. I just wish the story was as interesting.

James Faraci (Voiceover): Number Three Pro

3) Ben Affleck and the casting.

James Faraci (Voiceover): I want to give the casting director a HUGE hug for at least getting 95% of the casting right. The five percent that was wrong was of course Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. But the performances by the likes of Jeremy Irons & Holly Hunter. But the two that surprised me the most was Ben Affleck as both Bruce Wayne & Batman and Gal Gadot as Diana Prince & Wonder Woman. A lot of people were adamant that Ben Affleck would be the worst Batman/Bruce Wayne combo before he even filmed a frame of film. But when I saw it, I DIDN'T see Ben Affleck doing his usual thing I saw Bruce Wayne and Batman. The last time I saw that was when Michael Keaton donned the batsuit and cowl! Then we have Gal Gadot. HOO NELLY! If you haven't seen her in any of her performances in the "Fast & Furious" movies then you missed out as to why she would be amazing as the Amazonian Princess who became DC's First Superheroine as a matter of fact one of the FIRST Superheroines ever even the legendary Wonder Woman Lynda Carter approved of her and if Lynda Carter approved of her then I know she would be amazing as the Amazonian Princess and she didn't disappoint.

James Faraci (Voiceover): Number Two Pro

2) Quickly getting through Bruce Wayne's origin and where HE was during "Man Of Steel"

James Faraci: We've seen Batman's Origins done to death so for them to get through it that quickly was a sigh of relief. I understand why "Batman Begins" took it and did it throughout the first act though intercut with Bruce's training to become Batman. But unlike past DC Comics involving Batman or Superman in which there are vague if any connections between the Batman Universes and the Superman Universes of the past we see Bruce Wayne in the middle of the chaos ZOD brought to Earth. That's right, unlike EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO BLAMES SUPERMAN FOR WHAT HAPPENED I BLAME ZOD FOR THE CHAOTIC RUMBLE IN METROPOLIS! IT WAS HIS TERRAFORMERS THAT CAUSED THE CHAOS IN METROPOLIS! IT WAS ZOD'S SOLDIERS NOT SUPERMAN CAUSING THE DAMAGE AND SUPERMAN TRYING TO KEEP THE COLATTERAL DAMAGE TO A MINIMUM!

James Faraci (Voiceover): And The Number One thing I liked about "Superman v Batman Dawn Of Justice" is...

1) Giving Geoff Johns the reigns to the DCCU

James Faraci (Voiceover): After the quickest fall in Box Office sales for a DC Movie since "Batman & Robin" sometime after that Geoff Johns was given the reigns and since then has re-worked Suicide Squad, done some work to apparently salvage Wonder Woman and cut Justice League from 2 movies to one. Apparently Geoff knows what he's doing because he has worked so close with past DC Entertainment works including their Comic Books, Their series like Smallville, Supergirl and other shows within Greg Berlanti's production house. So he knows what he is doing and I do trust him to take the DCCU to the promised land and does something to avoid....

James Faraci (Voiceover): The Number one thing I disliked about Superman v Batman Dawn Of Justice"


James Faraci (Voiceover): I swear somewhere in DC Entertainment they somehow blame Superman for everything wrong. They don't even give him better billing by making it "Superman v Batman"! A while back I asked people on Facebook what they disliked about Superman and their answers ranged from he's too powerful to DC having no clue what to do with him. So what do they do in this movie? They make him out to be someone to be hated to be food for internet trolls, to be Batman's bitch in the final battle, to be the reason so much bad things happen. They targeted the Internet Trolls because they think Internet Trolls are intelligent? (Cut to James physically)

James Faraci: NO! You can not all they know is hate. If you give them what they want they'll dislike it, give them something they don't like and they'll dislike it. Internet trolls are the lowest form of Internet existence out there and you want to cater to them? NO! You can NOT cater to the lowest form of scum on the internet and say this is the best product you can make for everyone to enjoy. If you want everyone to like it, you have to show Superman as what he truly is, A pure good! You can not show him as you had in this movie and the previous one. As a matter of fact if you think catering to the lowest form of Internet Scum is the best you can do then you know what, I'll do the intelligent thing and wait until it hits the home market and watch these movies without hearing the continual jeers from the trolls. That's right DC I have no choice but to do this in order to watch it in peaceful intelligent bliss! Thanks for letting me vent. Next time, I'm back in character and I take on another movie from the past few months and I break a cardinal rule of mine. I'm James Faraci and until then, PEACE!

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