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The End Of Mankind Part Seven

(Scene starts off in the semi demolished backroom of James' office as James' time device lands before cutting to the inside of James' time machine)

TLOTA: Okay, Delta team you assist the Caliverterians in stopping Michaud and his forces, Alpha team assist in repairs on Comicron-One and Omega team we stop Lazarus Dark and either re-claim the Gellar or finish it off, no matter what it ends NOW! (Cut to see Senator Michaud on a podium)

Senator Michaud: My fellow Americans, today we stand at a crossroad we can either stand up...

Lea Michele (Audio only): Or you can ignore this Jack-Ass and his hollow promises and know the truth! (Cut to everyone looking at Lea Michele leading the Caliverterian Army.)

Lea Michele: Ladies and Gentlemen, The truth of Senator Michaud. (Lea aims her Sonic Screwdriver at the jumbotron which shows a clip of the Executor trying to disguise himself as Senator Michaud after destroying him on the jumbotron)

The Executor: Had it not been for the grace of my help sacrificing itself for me, I would be dead now. But not to worry, I will get those Internet reviewers off the air and more will come to what I decide. (Footage cuts away)

Senator Michaud: How did you know?

Intern: Through me. Yeah I should tell you, My name is Adorkable Rachel and Linkara sent me on a mission to check up on what was going on and now the truth is out and guess what.... You're going to be sent to a bacon wrapped hell on earth. (Adorkable Rachel nearly kicks him when she is thrown into Lea Michele and Senator Michaud becomes The Executor and he summons an army to go on the attack as Lea, Adorkable Rachel and the Caliverterian Army prepare for battle then The Executor becomes a seven foot massive monster of darkness.)

The Executor (Demonic sound): THE WICKED WILL NOT BE DENIED. (Cut to James, Film Brain, Paulo & Rebecca Fonseca, Luke Mochrie, Comic Strip Critic, Eric Kurtzke, John and Mike Santos sneak around The Gellar to see Rowdy & Alex DeCourville rendered unconscious.)

TLOTA: They'll be alright, a little shaken but alright.

Lazarus Dark (Audio only): But you won't be. (Everyone turns around to see Lazarus as he beats the hell out of them except for James who hits Lazarus in the center of his ribcage before cutting to see the Caliverterian Army attacking soldiers of The Wicked as Adorkable Rachel does a summersault flip over one soldier and then proceeds to take the sword out of the hands of the soldier in front of her and slices it in half then tosses the sword to Lea who takes down ten soldiers at once before cutting to Comicron-One)

Jamietud: Okay, Engines have stabilized.

Renee Miller: I've got weapons back online, Linkara Come in we are functional again! (Cut to Linkara in the Cockpit.)

Linkara: Nimue, Try to re-establish communications with the Gellar.

Nimue: Communications open.

Linkara: E-Rod! You're going to kill us!

TLOTA (Audio only): Gaah! It's not E-Rod, it's Lazarus!

Linkara: Who? (Cut to the inside of the Gellar where James took a hit to the mid section)

TLOTA: Lazarus Dark. He took E-Rod's design and copied it on to himself. (Lazarus Dark grabs James by the throat.)

Lazarus Dark: After I disposed of him and then you and everyone else on this ship and every internet reviewer ever! Only then can I be like Michael Bay.

TLOTA (Getting choked): Seriously Why Bay? He can't make movies worth a damn!

Blockbuster Buster (Audio only): That's true. (A Fist knocks Lazarus away dropping James to the Ground and the two standing over them is The Blockbuster Buster and Malicia)

TLOTA (Audio only): Malicia?! What the hell?!

Blockbuster Buster: Stand still Lazarus!

(Malicia chants a spell and a blinding light shines as the scene cuts to see a Caliverterian soldier die as Lea Michele and Adorkable Rachel stand alone against an army of troops as a fleet of Angry Joe's troops comes in shooting everything in sight)

Angry Joe (Audio only): You didn't think I'd sit this out did ya?  (Lea Michele & everyone looks up to Angry Joe's space station enter the atmosphere before cutting to Angry Joe in the command center of his ship.)

Angry Joe: Okay our mission, protect the innocent and stop The Wicked before he does anymore damage, stop Lazarus Dork and see if we can seal this Rift before it destroys us all! (Cut to the inside of The Gellar as E-Rod took a hell of a hit and Malicia lay nearly dead on the ground.)

Lazarus Dark: You made a foolish decision separating us.

Blockbuster Buster: But it makes it easier to finish you off. (The two aim their hammers at each other with the power blasts coming out of each only nullifying each other until Dark's Hammer takes the power out of The Blockbuster Buster's)

Lazarus Dark: I've waited to do this to you for a long time! You ARE BUSTED! (The Nostalgia Critic screams "NO!" as he jumps out of nowhere to take the blast meant for The Blockbuster Buster before cutting to Paulo and everyone trying to get everyone into the Time device as Hyper Fan Girl collapses and her hands glow gold.)

Rebecca: What's happening to you?

Hyper Fan Girl: It's the Critic! I need to get to him, NOW! (The floor collapses on them with James rolling out of the way as Hyper Fan Girl lands next to The Nostalgia Critic's near lifeless body and Lazarus steps back and Paulo hangs on and lands on the chair to activate the engine shut down and self destruct at the same time while cutting to see Adorkable Rachel throwing a propane tank at The Wicked and Lea Michele shooting it causing an explosion and Lea Michele is Grabbed by the throat by The Wicked.)

The Wicked: Did you think you stood a chance to destroy me after all we've been through?

Lea Michele (Choking while talking): Did you think I was gonna destroy you? (Cut to see the barely conscious Hyper Fan Girl reaches her right hand out to touch The Nostalgia Critic to revive him as James has Lazarus Dark in a useless choke hold as Paulo and The Blockbuster Buster are being pummeled with Lazarus' bare hands as The Nostalgia Critic slugs Lazarus.)

Nostalgia Critic: Get everyone else on board. (James grabs Paulo and The Blockbuster Buster)

TLOTA: Malicia, Come on!

Malicia (Weakly): Someone has to keep him from getting out. (James regretfully leaves her behind as The Nostalgia Critic tries to pummel Lazarus into Hamburger before feeling the decent and Malicia gets enough strength to hold Lazarus)

Malicia: GET OUT OF HERE! (The Nostalgia Critic runs as James' time device shatters the front of  The Gellar and The Time device powers up and the engines power up as Hyper Fan Girl starts to fall as well and The Nostalgia Critic grabs her and takes a flying leap into the device as the scene cuts to Lea Michele having been bloodied and pointing to the sky as The Gellar continues it's decent but Comicron One, Angry Joe's space station and James' time device are starting to be pulled into the Rift. Lea places a micro teleporter onto Adorkable Rachel teleporting her to Comicron one as she sends one last message to James saying "Goodbye" as the Gellar falls and Comicron One, James's Time device and Angry Joe's Space Station are engulfed by the Rift and The Gellar falls on to The Wicked as he shouts "NO!" as does Lazarus in The Gellar as The Gellar explodes and destroys everything around it before cutting to a black screen for half a second before cutting to the left side of James' face with a white background)

TLOTA (Echoing audio): Where are we? (Cut to everyone walking around in a confused state in the white background)

Malcolm: I think...

Paulo: The questions are...

Tamara: What is this place...

Rebecca: and Do we truly exist?

Ma-Ti (Audio only): The answer to your questions are yes and we are out of time and space. (Different colored particles swirl as Ma-Ti retakes physical form)

Nostalgia Critic: Ma-Ti?!

Chris Stuckmann: From Captain Planet?

Count Jackula: No from Narnia, What do you think?

Linkara: So why are we here now? (Cut to an image of the stars brightening and the world spinning

Ma-Ti: Here we will see the rebirth of the universe.

Luke Mochrie: Why here?

Ma-Ti: So when time returns to the present day you will remember everything but the world around you will lives will return to normal, those on the planet will not remember what has happened.

TLOTA: So what are you saying is that the nightmare of the last few weeks will be wiped away but how?

Ma-Ti: As reward for letting go of the past when I was in The Plot hole, I was given the task to protect the Time Space Continuum. But one dumbass had made the job nearly impossible to do.

TLOTA: I take it the Dumbass is me?

Ma-Ti: You bet your ass!

John Santos: He wanted to make things better.

TLOTA: But instead I made things worse and... (James looks to his right to see the world has stopped and the stars begin to dim.) Something is wrong. The world is dying!

Benzaie: So what can we do?

Ma-Ti: There is a spark it needs to be reignited.

TLOTA: I'll do it. I made so many mistakes in the past. It's time for me to make up for them.

Ma-Ti: You may not survive.

TLOTA: I have a reason and motivation to do so. Lea died because of me.

Nostalgia Critic: How did you know that?

TLOTA: I saw her die before the Rift consumed us. If I do this she has a chance to live. That's all the motivation I need. There's only one thing I need from here, A promise. A promise from all of us that we do one thing. We live for something besides reviewing, We find a life! Goodbye! (James jumps and shouts "GERONIMO!" as those inside the rift begin to disintegrate save for Ma-Ti)

Jamietud: We're being destroyed.

Ma-Ti: No he's doing it. I never thought he had it in him.

Nostalgia Critic: Ma-Ti come with us.

Ma-Ti: It's too late. Forgive yourself as you forgave me once.

Nostalgia Critic: How?

Ma-Ti: Do the best reviews with those around you and with what you have.

Nostalgia Critic: I will ! (Everyone save for Ma-Ti continues to disintegrate as Paw, Elisa and Grey stick together)

Rowdy: THIS IS IT! HANG ON! (Everyone save for Ma-Ti finally disintegrates)

Ma-Ti: Goodbye(Scene fades to black)

TLOTA (Audio only): My name is James Faraci. (Cut to James eyes as images of every little internet reviewer and everything they've done.)

TLOTA (Audio only): And I am The Last Of The Americans. I made a lot of mistakes and it's about time I made up for some of them. (James' eyes push out of frame as the scene cuts away to see Emmalina and her fiancée played by Rebecca Fonseca and John Santos as a tear opens up to see James with The Sword Of Caliverti zooming into the castle only to stab Tharagan through the heart and cut his head and then is forced back into the Rift then cutting to James obliterating Dr. Insano in 1561 Scotland and the records of the wedding and marriage of him and Mary Queen Of Scots before being forced back into the Rift and then finally winding up on the set of "GLEE" where Ed played by Eli Stone)

TLOTA (Audio whispering): Psst Ed! (Ed turns his head to see James in the corner)

Ed: James? I thought...

TLOTA: What I need from you is to call out sick and let me take your spot today.

Ed: Why?

TLOTA: Because I need to do something to save Lea.

Ed: My boss will fire my ass.

TLOTA: Trust me your job is safe.

Lea Michele (Audio): Excuse me what's going on?

(Cut to James walking out from behind the boxes)

TLOTA: I'm sorry I'm a friend of Ed's my name is James.

Lea Michele: It's a pleasure to meet you. Would you like to do anything?

TLOTA: I'm just gonna help you. I'm a go-for. You know go for this, go for that.

Lea Michele: Oh okay well just so you're aware, even though you're good looking, I'm not...

TLOTA: Trust me not exactly looking for anyone myself right now.

Lea Michele: Well that's good.

(Cut to being around the set and eventually meeting and helping Lea Michele as the day goes on and Lea feels exhausted and James asks a guy named Matthew Paetz to help him load her exhausted body into her trailer)

TLOTA: There we go, get an hour's sleep and forget...Forget me altogether. I would've taken you to places far beyond imagination, far beyond the wildest dreams ever dreamt by man. But you need something realistic, there's a good man in Matthew who will help you get over the loss you suffered recently. But I will always remember what would've been, what should've been, but can never be. (The Rift opens one last time) Just know that there will be one man who loved you with all his heart but can never be with you. (James kisses Lea for the last time and holds her hand for the last time before walking away from her and into the Rift) Goodbye.(A Blinding light engulfs everything as it cuts to a window at a mall where Lea is signing books at a meet and greet at an FYE!)

Lea Michele: Okay and who do I make this out to?

TLOTA: James. (Lea looks up and sees James)

Lea Michele: I remember you.

TLOTA: Yeah, we had that one day where I filled in for Ed.

Lea Michele: I remember that day.

TLOTA: Me too, I hope you're happy.

Lea Michele: I am. You?

TLOTA: I'm working on it, but I'll get there.

Lea Michele: Good. Here you go. Enjoy.

TLOTA: Thank you. (Cut to James in a well lit black room as he silently opens up a vault and in the foreground is "Goodbye My Almost Lover" originally by "A Fine Frenzy" but covered by Lea Michele. James then proceeds to grab photos of moments before cutting to home video of the two going through to get said moments ranging from James and Lea making each other's breakfast and making a mess just for the two to wipe each other off and kiss to James trying to Surf alongside Lea to the two going through an argument to which James apologizes for starting, to Lea Pranking James while he was on the set of "Scream Queens", to having a romantic dance at his sister's wedding before cutting back to James after all those moments then James grabs Lea's personalized Sonic Screwdriver and flashes back to the times she saved James or when she used it at all before cutting back to James just at the four minute & Nineteen second mark of "Goodbye My Almost Lover")

TLOTA: Thank you Lea, for being one of the best things to ever happen to me. But now I have to let you go. (James places the Sonic Screwdriver into the vault and closes the lid as the song resumes then James turns his back onto the vault and James manages to produce a sexy cry in his right eye. Before cutting to James in his office when a Skype ring calls)

TLOTA: Hey dude, what's on your mind? (Cut to The Comic Strip Critic)

Comic Strip Critic: Just checking in making sure you're doing fine. (Cut to James)

TLOTA: I'm surviving, like I always do. (Cut to The Comic Strip Critic)

Comic Strip Critic: Well that's good. Rowdy's gonna be next to call to make sure you're fine. (Cut to James)

TLOTA: I'll be ready for it. Thanks for calling, better let Rowdy contact me.(James ends the call and two tenths of a second later the Skype ring calls) Hey Buddy what's up with you? (Cut to Rowdy)

Rowdy: Doing well. You?

TLOTA: Hanging in there and I've got the rope burns to prove it. (Rowdy chuckles slightly at that.)

Rowdy: Listen if you need to take a break...(Cut to James)
TLOTA: Let me say the following. I work to forget what I lost. Sitting around and thinking just reminds me and I don't need to be reminded of what I lost. For now I'm fine and I'm gonna be back at it soon. Okay? (Cut to Rowdy)

Rowdy: I understand. Just don't do what our friend did. (Cut to James)

TLOTA: I've got a lot to live for. Their names are Madison, Mallory and Vivian. (Cut to Rowdy)

Rowdy: Oh yeah, your nieces. Listen, do yourself a favor. If you ever feel stressed out take a breather, doesn't matter for how long, being a contributor to the site is voluntary. But knowing you you'd be at it the day after you got hitched. (Cut to James)
TLOTA: Knowing our luck that day will be the day Ice Hockey is being played on the River Styx. But for now I think I'm better off doing what I need to do and What I do is take on the garbage so people can enjoy the good stuff. (Cut to Rowdy)

Rowdy: Well, as you always say "Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down". (Cut to James)

TLOTA: Absolutely and as you say "Stay Rowdy My Friend" (James ends the call and two tenths of a second later the Skype ring calls) Yes? (Cut to the Nostalgia Critic)

Nostalgia Critic: Hey James, with all the info I have from all that should've been what will happen now? (Cut to James)

TLOTA: The future is ours, what we do with it is up to us. For now, let's make it the best one for the next generation and us. (Cut to The Nostalgia Critic)

Nostalgia Critic: Well I coul...(James has a look of "Seriously?" before cutting back to The Nostalgia Critic) Maybe I'm better off not doing what I'm thinking about doing. (Cut to James)

TLOTA: Yeah. (Cut to Nostalgia Critic)

Nostalgia Critic: Well, if you'll excuse me I hope you're going to be fine. (Cut to James.)

TLOTA: Yes and tell everyone else that I'll be fine as well. Maybe we'll meet again sometime in the future.

Nostalgia Critic: Maybe. (Cut to James shutting off the Computer and going out to the main space in the office)

TLOTA: The world is waiting on us So what do you guys say?

Paulo: To do what?

TLOTA: Inspire greatness by showing what's right and wrong and hoping for the best. But for now let's see what we can find to inspire us. You guys in? (James places his right hand out and slowly but surely the rest if team "The Last Of The Americans" place their hands in.)

TLOTA: On three. One, Two, Three! GO AMERICAN!

Everyone else: GO AMERICAN!

(Cut to see James' time device flying to the sunset before cutting to the end credits roll with the following as credited Sets Desginged & Built by Jim Jarosz & Robert Faraci, Director Of Photography: Ed Glaser, Special FX Supervisor Jim Troken, Main Theme by Michael “Skitch” Schiciano. Cast Doug Walker: Nostalgia Critic, Lewis Lovhaug: Linkara, Brad Jones: Cinema Snob, Todd Nathanson: Todd In The Shadows, Mickey Paradis: 8-Bit Mickey, Tom Hanley: Handsome Tom, Eric Rodriguez: E-Rod The Blockbuster Buster/ Lazarus Dark, Carey Denise: News Reporter/Malicia, Chris Lee Moore: Rowdy, Paulo Fonseca: Paulo, Rebecca Fonseca: Rebecca/Emmalina, James Faraci: James Faraci, The Last Of The Americans, Lea Michele: Lea, Eric Neil Kurtzke: Eric, John Ross Santos: John, Mike Santos: Mike, Renee Miller: Renee, Eli Stone: Cartoon Hero/ Ed, John Webber: The Comic Strip Critic, Chris Stuckmann: Chris, James Sullivan: Jamietud, Jack Shen: Count Jackula, Stevie Swigart: The Media Wiz,  Alex DeCourville, Joe Vargas: Angry Joe, Matthew Buck: Film Brain, Mike Jeavons: Mike J,  Luke Mochrie: Luke Mochrie, Paul Schuler: Paw, Kaylyn Saucedo: Marzgurl, Rachel Herrick: Adorkable Rachel/Intern Elisa Hansen: Elisa, Chad Rocco: C.R., Rob Walker: Tharagan/Senator Michaud/The Wicked/ The Executor,  Benjamin Daniel: Benzaie, William DuFresne: Suede, Tamara Chambers: Tamara/Hyper Fan Girl, Malcolm Ray: Malcolm , Barney Walker: "Critic", Sandy Walker: Tamara, Fard Muhammad: Malcolm, Noah Antweiller: Dr. Insano, Bhargav Dronamraju: Ma-Ti. Then more crew credited Additional FX by Jim Troken, Andrew Dickman, Allen Stephens, Script Supervisors: James Faraci,Jillian Zurawski, Melissa Kent, CG Background & Opening Credits by Marek Wodzinski, Post Lighting effects by Rob Walker & Jim Troken, Props by Jim Jarosz, Justin Barnes, Terrence Dellinger, Ghostbusters Chicago Division, Additional Music from, Proscores, Kevin Macleod, Classical Pieces Special Thanks To We Shot First(Justin Barnes, Haley Barnes & Terrence Dellinger), Jim Jarosz, Ed Glaser, Rob Walker, Jillian Zurawski, Jamez & Carrie, Mike Michaud, Holly Christine Brown, Ghostbusters Chicago Division, Chris Lee Moore, Carey Denise, Christy Romano, James Faraci, Erin Walker, Robin Walker, Eric Ducharme,Everyone who worked their ASSES off in making this film. Thank You so VERY much for your dedication to this madness. Post End Credit scene of a Granddaughter coming towards the now retired Nostalgia Critic and his wife and the three of them walking down the beach for a minute towards the sunset before cutting to the Channel Awesome Mark Two closing credit.)

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