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Just Add Water: My Mako Adventure: H2O: Just Add Water Season 3 Part 2

(Cut to clips of "H2O: Just Add Water" season 3 as James does a voiceover)

James Faraci (Voiceover): In the follow up episode "Mermaid Magic" Cleo discovers a crystal similar to the one Bella has in the Moon pool which has her thinking "Could this be the source of what is happening to the Moon Pool?" also these Crystals seem to have a magnetic resonance. A few episodes later in "A Magnetic Attraction" Cleo gives the crystal to Ryan an Geophysicist thinking he could be of some help seeing as how Lewis is in America. The next development in the storyline involving What's going on in the Moon Pool is in the episode "Mako Masters" The three mermaids decide to get to the Moon Pool and place their crystals into the wall which shows a projection of a comet coming. However Will and Zane interrupt causing the three to lose the projection and to wonder whether or not they saw an image of the past and how the Moon Pool was created or what would happen in the future if they failed.

The storyline comes to a climax in "A Date With Destiny" The three finally are able to simulate a full moon to see the projection in full. A Comet is coming and is drawn by the Moon Pool's magnetic crystals. If the three can harness the power of the Pool in hopes of reversing the Comet's trajectory away from the Earth they can save the day. The storyline and the series comes to a close in the episode "Graduation". After Zane, Sophie and Ryan blew a chunk out of the walls of the Moon Pool to harvest the crystals, the three mermaids realize the power of the pool is not enough to stop the comet! With all hope lost, Bella, Cleo and Rikki decide to try combining their powers with what little of the powers of the Moon Pool is left will hopefully do what they need to do to save the day. (Cut to the clip of the three going in and combining their powers and being able to divert the comet as "Fatal Fight" by Shockwave-Sound plays in the background and the comet is diverted before cutting to the ending of the episode and James doing a voiceover.)

James Faraci (Voiceover): With the Comet missing the Moon Pool and subsequently saving the Earth, the Girls Celebrate graduating School in the Juice Bar and Lewis has come home for good reuniting with Cleo. (Show ending before fading to black and then to clips of the season as James does a voiceover.)

James Faraci (Voiceover): Season 3 was the most well written season of the show and yet somehow this season feels like the season everyone were flying by the seat of their pants the most as well. I know they had to put something together because the writers and producers weren't expecting a third season but we got a great story for the season. So when they got a third season they had no clue what to do and with Claire Holt not being able to be a part of production they needed to write something in at the last moment. Which means it's time once again for....

(Cut to a black background and the words "HOW I WOULD HAVE WRITTEN IT!" in neon as James' voice echoes those words before hearing stock Game Show Music as clips of the season play in the background and James does a voiceover)

James Faraci (Voiceover): In the season opener as Rikki and Cleo are doing what they are doing in the season opener, The Guardian finds himself in a meditative state waiting for someone to arrive at the Moon Pool and she does. Veridia the head of The pod at Mako Island and she comes with The Ring The Guardian gave to Charlotte at the end of season two, while they remain somewhat friendly The Guardian and Veridia aren't on good terms even to the point where Rikki and Cleo believes that Emma is on vacation with her parents "Officially". The Guardian knows Veridia found Emma and inducted her into the Pod against the orders The Guardian had been given when it came to rogue mermaids joining the Pod. Meanwhile Veridia admits to The Guardian that someone who had been a part of the Pod would be planted and the other two would not know until after it was too late. That is where Bella would be introduced, she knows much of the human world except how to behave like a human. The Guardian would eventually claim Bella as his niece in Public and tell Rikki & Cleo in private that Bella is in fact a natural born mermaid. Rikki & Cleo are shocked by the fact that there are Natural Born Mermaids and that Emma's Vacation is a fabrication but even more shocking is when they meet Veridia who's first instinct towards Rikki and Cleo is to nearly kills the two attacking them with the Moon Pool's Power while invisible but The Guardian would save and vouch for the two and Veridia tells them what is going to happen and warns if the two fail everything the pod would have bestowed to the two would be stripped from them and the world would be destroyed succeed and they would be given a chance to join the pod and become full mermaids and The Guardian is prohibited from influencing their decision! Bella would also have to prove herself worthy of the pod as she is casted out until then.

So Bella now has to learn about humanity from Rikki, Cleo and The Guardian while Bella tells Rikki and Cleo what it's like being a full fledged mermaid and a part of the pod. Bella discovers quickly that being around humans is hard. Especially when she meets Will. Meanwhile Zane purchase the Juice Bar and names it after Rikki and it thrives meanwhile Lewis tells Cleo about being up for joining a research team in the states and while his decision is left until the finale he would be seen less and less.  By the mid-season the water attacks again and The Guardian makes contact with Veridia and the three question her if she was the reason the water was attacking them, Veridia tells them that the water attacking them is part of something someone else did. Telling very little saying that some close to three are hurting the pool. Incensed by the accusation Bella tells Veridia who happens to be Bella's mother that she is wrong about all humans because from the few she has seen they appear to be help trying to figure out how they can heal the waters and even figure out why the Moon Pool has been attacking as of late. Veridia believes The Guardian when he says to her that Bella has been seeing how humans have been like since the pod was here centuries ago! Apparently in this universe, for every year a human ages a mermaid ages 1000 times slower but only after they reach full maturity! That's right Mermaids are essentially immortal and they could live forever unless hurt so badly their physical form is reduced to sea foam and their spirit joins something called "The Immortal Sea"!

Eventually Rikki discovers Zane, Sophie and Ryan have secretly harvested crystals from Mako and selling it for a profit. The Second to last episode would have Rikki and Cleo graduate from Human schooling but the challenge would still stand until the three go to the pool and are able to simulate the Full Moon and see a projection of Zane and the others nearly destroying the moon pool and causing a comet to destroy the earth. In the Finale The three succeed in stopping Zane and the others but the pool is weakened, the plan now hinges on the three being able to be strong enough to use the powers they have to stop the comet themselves, they succeed and afterwards Veridia returns and now gives them the offer once again. And after Rikki ends things with Zane for good and Cleo tells Lewis to go to America and move on with his life. The two finally deciding that for as much as they enjoyed being humans, it was now time to enjoy their lives in the pod. The Guardian and Veridia now on friendly terms proceed in the ceremonies to have the two join the pod including The Guardian handing Rikki and Cleo the same ring he gave to Charlotte in the last season. While they remember being humans, they find themselves now at peace as Mermaids. The Guardian disappears as the pod surround the island.  Ending H2O and setting up the spin-off. But we'll get to that next time on...

(Cut to a black background and the words "HOW I WOULD HAVE WRITTEN IT!" in neon as James' voice echoes those words before cutting back to clips of the season three as James does a voiceover)

James Faraci (Voiceover): Overall I found the series enjoyable for the most part. A few episodes that made my head hurt and there were plenty of good episodes with real morals and the characters were relative and grew in ways I found enjoyable but I feel if I'm going to talk about the characters I'll go from the least to the most developed since I talked about Emma, Charlotte & Ash when I was recapping the previous season. Check out what I thought about them there. Sadly the least developed as far as secondary characters go had to be Sophie in this season, While at times she was the antagonist when the plot needed her to be one though at times it did look like she was going to be a decent person she just never achieved either the villainous persona she needed or the spark to be a better person.

Zane on the other hand started off as a flat out egotistical Jack-Ass and was unabashedly enjoying being that but as the first season went on we saw slowly but surely show more sparks of being a better man and as the series progressed he became more and more decent and when he came up with the idea of reviving the Juice Bar and name it after Rikki, it wasn't done because he was being a jerk, rather he did it because he genuinely felt love for Rikki even with their constant break-ups and make-ups in the relationship they had but even though.

Lewis had the most development thanks in part to Zane's jack-ass like actions in the second episode of the series while he did serve to try and learn why and how the original three became mermaids and helped out with special treatments and what have you not, the fact he was scientifically minded meant he was using logic and reasoning to help as best as he could and while like Rikki and Zane's relationship his relationship with Cleo was Bi-Polar at best, but by coming back for the finale for her meant at least he cared more for her than anyone else.

And now for our heroines and once again I ask that you look at my second part of me talking about this series if you want to know my thoughts on Emma and or Charlotte and again I'm going by least to most development and sadly Bella was the least developed partly due in fact that she was no more than a last minute replacement for Emma. But the fact she had a love interest and we do get her backstory in an early episode in this season but in all honesty she really didn't get much to do except be there until the finale when she, Rikki and Cleo stopped the comet and subsequently saved the Earth from the comet.

Rikki got the second most character development. She started out as the outsider being the new girl in town. While she got along well with Emma, Cleo and Bella and embraced her mermaid self the quickest she usually found herself in Mary Sue territory and that's not a bad thing nor is it good it meant for as much development she did get, she would also find herself getting the closest in trouble she thankfully learned and grew when it came to being a decent person, mind you she would appear in the final two episodes of "Mako Mermaids" and tell everything that happened to herself, Cleo, Bella and Emma since the Finale of this series to the mermaids of Mako Island and will cause me to have a rant which I'll get to when we get there but for now it seemed she was able to be a great character.

And Now we come to Cleo and Hoooooooo Boy did her development make the most violent roller coaster trip look like a cake walk. It took her until the third episode of the series before she even accepted the fact she was a mermaid and after that she had a lot to deal with. She had the on and off again relationship with Lewis throughout the series then of course came all the stuff she pulled in Season 2 with Charlotte and her own actions in that season. While she did mellow out by the third season somewhat, I mean yeah she still pulled out the whopper now and then, she had to do some real big things when it came to reigning in her sister. Especially when it came to their father and his love life. Her dad was divorced by the start of the second season and though Cleo tried to change things to her way, she had to realize ultimately she couldn't change things to her specifications.  She had to accept things that weren't under her control. So when her dad remarried, she accepted that this woman is what made her father happy and if that was the case so be it. Though it may have been one of the reasons her relationship with Lewis was about as rocky as it was.

James Faraci (Voiceover): While the series did have it's ups and downs I found it fine fare for all ages and if you want to get it, it is available on DVD through Amazon or you can check out streaming services like Hulu or Netflix, which is where the show became the most popular even though Nickelodeon and it's spin-off network TeenNick aired here in the states. But with this series streaming on Netflix it is where I was able to see the series in full as well as it's spin-off or sister series which we will get into next time as we swim to Mako Island again and deal with the Mermaids. (Fade to black before cutting to a clip of the three and one of the guys hanging out in an inflatable floater ring in the moon pool.)

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