Monday, October 24, 2016

Behind The Scenes: October 2016

(Scene begins as the men of Team TLOTA as Cavemen and the ladies are trapped and Olivia accidentally hits James in the mouth knocking out the dental fittings to make his teeth look more Neanderthal-ish)

James Faraci (Audio only): Damn, got a good right hook Liv! CUT! (Cut to James, his sister, sister in law and nieces coming to his studio as James is filming and "Combine Harvester" by The Wurtzels is playing in the background.)

James Faraci (Audio only): So according to my watch it is October 5th just got back from a Salmon fishing trip, caught a fifteen lbs. King Salmon and certain family members are here for reasons that will soon be revealed. (Time cuts to an hour later as James sister stepped outside to get over her hysterics and James is filming Sarah Michelle Gellar)

James Faraci (Audio only): So Sarah, meeting an Uber-Fan like my sister was what normal or unusual to where you are now?

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Uh it's not a rare thing but not so common that Charlotte & Rocky are like "Ugh another one of mom's fans". So we'll have all of the afternoon to film and would you mind filming me and my sister as we react to the ending of the finale of "Angel" and David.

David Boreanaz (Audio only): What's up?

James Faraci (Audio only): Would you mind reading these lines I highlighted so me and my sister can react? (Cut to James and his sister as they sit on the couch.)

James Faraci: Okay, everyone ready! Quiet on the set! John, You filming?

John Santos (Audio only) We're filming.

James Faraci: Okay and ACTION! (David says his lines and James and his sister react accordingly before John notices they may be going too far and John yells "CUT!")

James Faraci: We good?

John Santos (Audio only): I think we've got enough

James Faraci: Okay, awesome that's a wrap for my sister! (Cut to an hour later in which James and the guys are getting ready to become cavemen as Rebecca films the transformation.) So we're becoming cavemen for the "Beer Bad Bar Rescue" sketch and after that Me, Mike and Rebecca will be doing the Jon Taffer, Bar Owner and Bar Expert Given Rebecca's physical attributes I'm torn between Mia Mastroianni or LisaMarie Joyce.

Olivia Horvath:Well I could make the tattoos to have Rebecca look like LisaMarie. What would you like Rebecca?

Rebecca Yaun: I'd like to go for LisaMarie, it wouldn't be that big a stretch but I can tell you now with my husband and brother, you don't have to go far to make them out to be Cavemen. (Everyone laughs at that before cutting to James getting his hair slicked back and looking like Jon Taffer.)

James Faraci: The best way I can do a Jon Taffer impression after watching a ton of his "Bar Rescue" episodes is to think Brooklyn Dan Aykroyd! And I know Jon was originally from the Great Neck, NY so it won't be that difficult. (Cut to David Boreanaz opening the door as John Santos sings "Singing In The Bathtub" as we see him from the waist up without a shirt and then turns to see David and Sarah looking at him.)

John Santos: QUIT LOOKING YOU NOSY PERVERTS! (John slams the door and everyone laughs before cutting to James standing outside the studio.)

James Faraci: So my nieces have the day off and David Copperfield will be here for the day and I asked their mom if they'd like to come down for the day and see David do some Illusions and thankfully they said yes! (Cut to James and his niece Vivian as they do the Telekinetic Duck trick with David Copperfield and everybody laughs and has a good time before cutting to David looking at the Wardrobe and Hair.)

James Faraci (Audio only): So did we find everything to your liking.

David Copperfield: I'm actually surprised you got the hairpiece to look just as my hairstyle did back in the late 1970's early 1980's.

James Faraci (Audio only): Well, it didn't take magic to find it, it just took a little hard work and a few friends who work miracles in making hair pieces.

David Copperfield: And I noticed Eric dressed up in character already with the silk shirt and the 1970's garb.

James Faraci (Audio only): Uh he usually dresses like that David. (Cut to James lightly tapping a shoulder and nothing happened before James sighs and shouts "Cut!" before cutting to James with a hacksaw sawing through a bust as John films)

John Santos (Audio only): So, What happened?

James Faraci: Well the bust David had made for the Guillotine bit we had set up didn't snap off when I tapped David on the Shoulder because I had asked for it to come off when I tapped him on the shoulder meaning the illusion had gone wrong and so now I have to make sure that in order for the joke to work, I have to do the work someone didn't do and of course make sure it will work when we do chop it off on the Guillotine! (Cut to James filming David Copperfield in a green suit that covers everything from the neck down and Paulo Fonseca with a green head mask.)

James Faraci (Audio only): So David, You think Paulo is a good enough double?

David Copperfield: Well he has the height and build, but there's only one David Copperfield.

Paulo Fonseca: And I wouldn't want it any other way. (James turns the camera towards himself.)

James Faraci: I'm sure that the world will be less magical because of it!

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