Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Day Of The Hero Part 5

(Scene starts in the Art vault as Tamara sees she's surrounded by Duplecons when she dupes 99% of the fleet to the elevator. Scene cuts to Malcolm holding off the two Duplecons with his Martial Arts skills as the Duplecon fleet makes their way. Scene cuts to Chris & Naya inside James' time machine)

Chris Colfer: Computer access ORAC!

Naya Rivera: This isn't Star Trek. (Naya accesses storage panel, lifts ORAC out of the storage hold.) All right ORAC, access the time machine set coordinates to Scotland 1560 right outside the castle of Mary Queen Of Scots. (ORAC does nothing.)

Chris Colfer: Why isn't it working? Something is missing.

Naya Rivera: I think I may have found it. (Naya finds ORAC's activation key) Here we go! (Naya activates ORAC) ORAC, Access this time device, set the coordinates to Scotland 1560 right outside of Mary Queen Of Scots castle.

ORAC: All preparations have been made, all you and Chris must do is turn the two keys next to the keypad at the same time!

Chris Colfer (Audio only): OVER HERE! (Naya runs to see Chris has inserted the keys.)

Chris Colfer: Nothing is working! ORAC!

ORAC (Audio only): Turn the key on the right clockwise and the one on the left counterclockwise!

Naya Rivera: Makes sense. On three.

Chris Colfer & Naya Rivera: One, Two, THREE! (Time machine whirs and a white light flashes as scene cuts to the Art Vault as Tamara and the Duplecon quickly morphs into her.)

Tamara: Okay whatever it is you want, there must be someway we can work this out.

Tamara (D): Oh there's a way. Have Baugh surrender Molossia, then have the President surrender The United States and all the world leaders surrender their countries and lands to Doctor Insano.

Tamara: Doctor Who?

Tamara (D): Not that Doctor, Doctor Insano. A genius, mad maybe, but a genius never the less. But you on the other hand well...(Camera pans the backside of Tamara as a morphing noise is heard and Rachel Tietz is seen)

Rachel: But you know what? A LOT of insecurities ran through you. Rachel threw you a bone by putting you in the "Catwoman" review then replacing her. You are so naïve.

Tamara: Maybe, but I've got something you don't have.

Rachel: And that is...

Tamara: Courage and (Pulls a Sonic Concussion Blaster) This! (Pulls the trigger, disintegrating the Duplecon and muffled screams are heard as Tamara runs to find President Baugh & Mara Wilson covered in Duplecon Splooge and gets them loose.)

Mara Wilson: Ugh, haven't been in anything this disturbing since "A Simple Wish" (Mara gags for a second.)

President Baugh: Those things what are they?

Tamara: Duplecons and they want to take over the world.

President Baugh: Of course.

Tamara: They're being held off as best as they could by Malcolm in the X-Vault.

President Baugh: Well what are we waiting for let's get to it! (Scene cuts to the Dungeon where everyone else is waiting.)

Film Brain: Has anyone come up with someway to escape? (Lea Michele, E-Rod, Chris Colfer & Naya Rivera bust in through the door.) How did you do that?

Lea Michele: The door wasn't locked.

TLOTA: Oh! Well! All righty then.

Naya Rivera: Hold up, ALL of you guys were in here and no one thought about opening the door?

Nostalgia Critic: We thought it was locked!

Chris Colfer: You know Nazi boy, you need to find people who are more intelligent.

TLOTA: Colfer, Knock it off.

Spoony: Wait why do you call him "Nazi Boy"?

Chris Colfer: He's a conservative republican and as we all know Republicans are Nazis! (Everyone looks at James.)

TLOTA: Can we get going, PLEASE!

Mary Queen Of Scots(Audio only): Exactly what I was thinking. (Mary Queen Of Scots appears with several Duplecons.)

Lea Michele: Well, we're screwed! (Everyone follows Mary Queen Of Scots and several Duplecons)

Mary Queen Of Scots: Now go and prepare to seal yourself in the Art pieces.

TLOTA: Well, We know what happened. Duplecons sealed themselves in art pieces via preservation orbs.

Spoony: Wait you know about Preservation Orbs?

TLOTA: Trust me Insano's technology was on my radar. This was one of his more intelligent moves.

Spoony: Well, I knew that you weren't the real Bloody Mary. You couldn't even get her voice in the right way.

Linkara: Uh Spoony, according to this scanner, that's the real deal.

Spoony: Oh Uh, Well you understand I was just testing both you and me.

Mary Queen Of Scots: Well as my Rival that Queen Elizabeth I said "I know I have the body of a weak & feeble woman. But I have the heart & stomach of a King." As did that Duplecon until I used this dagger through it's skin.

Spoony: Wow, No wonder you have the nickname of Bloody Mary. Something I would find amazing in a woman I'd be with for the rest of my life. (Scene cuts to inside grounds of the castle where a priest is marrying Spoony & Mary Queen Of Scots.)

Priest: By the power vested to me by the Holy Catholic Church I pronounce that you be man & wife together. You may kiss the bride! (Everyone shouts Woo-Hoo! as Lea and all the ladies throw flower petals and everyone else is just in cool mode.)

Spoony: Look I have something I need to take care of real quick. (Spoony runs to the USS Exit Strategy and everyone follows save for Mary Queen Of Scots and the priest as everyone sees the new interior of The Exit Strategy.)

Nostalgia Critic: Oh hey, you redecorated...

TLOTA: Looks like a perv did this.

Lea Michele: Okay what is up with the Perv crap?

TLOTA: He made a joke about kidnapping and continually raping a female contributor to the

Spoony: At least everyone with a sense of humor took it for what it was worth, A JOKE.

Naya Rivera: Seriously, No one & I MEAN NO ONE WITH A REAL SENSE OF HUMOR FINDS RAPING & KIDNAPPING WOMEN IS FUNNY! (USS Exit Strategy shakes and stumbles as it flies.)

TLOTA: Something's wrong, Ah I know where! (James runs to Engineering) You've got to be kidding me?! You landed my time traveling device in Engineering and the engines are still running! (Cut to James inside his time traveling device) ORAC, Shut off the engines.

ORAC: I was hoping to help expedite thing by getting back to the X-Vault before something bad happens.

TLOTA: Well you can do that by hooking the power to the Exit Strategy. Why do we have to get to the X-Vault?

ORAC: Because if we can not get there, there will be nothing to get to. (James looks as everyone else hears the news as well.)