Monday, September 16, 2013

Is the Sumer Blockbuster Dead?

(Commercial Sting with of the American Gladiators first run's final season's ten seconds theme with James Standing next to Army Text saying The Last Of The Americans. Then a rubber stamp stamps over the entire thing the word Editorial)

I'm James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and the views I'm about to express are that of my own and some of yours. With summer unofficially over on labor day. I went to my local theater and asked if people liked what they saw over the summer and the answer was not really. I mean yes financially it was a good year for the film industry but there was no real big Summer Blockbuster that people really cared to see over & over again. So the question I ask now is not for personal reasons but for reasons as a fan of cinema. Is the Summer Blockbuster dead? Well I guess it depends on the year. Last year was a great year for the Summer Blockbuster, I mean Marvel's "The Avengers" was amazing not simply because it came out in the summer but because it was the end of one chapter of a movie franchise and the start of another. However something happened another big movie wasn't as well received and that was "The Dark Knight Rises" and while I don't make light of the situation of what happened in Colorado it didn't help the publicity and well the content of it felt well un-American and the Anarchy from that Colorado incident was so similar to content in the movie that somehow people were thinking of Art imitating life or Life imitating Art but here's the thing people forget when it comes to Cinema and Entertainment in general it's supposed to entertain and make people forget their problems for a while and to quote Oancitizen in "To Boldly Flee" "Bad Art is a distraction great art elevates people" that's partly what a Summer Blockbuster should do and it should be able to help move the audience to want more the next year but if you didn't like what you saw this year what makes you think it'll be better next year. But I think that's something everybody wants, something better whether it'll be next year or the next entry in any series of movies, tv shows or written stories (Comic Book series, Anthology series and the like) But I've gone off track the question persists "Is The Summer Blockbuster dead?" Well I think the question should be "Should the Summer Blockbuster be allowed to die?" If that was the question I'd say yes because it has become  stale.  I think maybe we need new blood to come in and give it a overhaul because for me personally there still is some life in the Summer Blockbuster but it needs something different. Who knows maybe next year will bring the Summer Blockbuster back (Pic of unofficial Posters of Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles and Transformers 4) Well here's hoping 2015 is the year the Summer Blockbuster makes it comeback. I'm James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and that's my opinion

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