Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"The Day Of The Hero" Part 1

(The Photo of Justin "JewWario" Carmical from all the tributes have been is in Black & White and underneath it are the words "Justin Carmical 1971-2014" for one minute and then cuts to the Channel Awesome Mark II Logo then fades to Black then cuts to a black background and "Channel Awesome Presents" in white text appears then fades and is replaced with "In association with Rowdy C Productions & MadiMaly Entertainment present" then fades and is replaced with "A Doug Walker Film" then cuts to a first person perspective and groaning as someone is waking up and cuts to The Nostalgia Critic waking up and the credit of Doug Walker is underneath then fades.)

Nostalgia Critic: Where am I? I'm in the office building I'm renting. But how can that be? I was...  (An audible fart is heard.)

Blockbuster Buster (Mumbling audio only): Excuse me do you mind not farting while I'm saving the world?

Nostalgia Critic: E-Rod? What the hell! Was there an office party and we had a little too much? (Camera cuts to Linkara, E-Rod, Malcolm Ray & Tamara Chambers sleeping on one another and the credits of Lewis Lovhaug, Eric Rodriguez, Malcolm Ray and Tamara Chambers appear then fade as E-Rod screams!)


Malcolm Ray: Sorry, Me, Tamara and The Critic just tossed Hyper Fan Girl off the set for the fifth time and then all of a sudden the whole place fills up with this gas. After that I hear you scream of course after having the longest nap I've ever had.

Linkara: And I was onboard Comicron One when I got hit with probably the same gas as everyone else did.

Film Brain (Audio only): Well there's more of us awake now.

Rowdy (Audio only): That's good to know. (Camera pans to The Rowdy Reviewer & Film Brain and the credits of Mathew Buck and Chris Lee Moore appear on camera then fade.)

Rowdy: I think we may have all been hit with the same gas.

Mathew Buck: Same here.

Nostalgia Critic: Well would one of you mind telling us how many of us are asleep and how many are awake?

TLOTA (Audio only) Well as of this moment... (Cut to James Faraci The Last Of The Americans, Lea Michele, Naya Rivera & Chris Colfer ) All of us. (Credits of Lea Michele, Naya Rivera, Chris Colfer and James Faraci appear then fade away.) Currently I have ORAC on trying to find out our destination and ...

Blockbuster Buster (Shouting Audio): HELP!

TLOTA: That didn't sound good! (Everyone heads to the secondary hatch to see E-Rod hanging on for dear life, open said hatch and form a human chain to grab E-Rod with James being the anchor and Lea Michele grabbing the hatch and Rowdy grabbing E-Rod getting him as Lea begins to close the hatch. E-Rod is pulled in as Lea closing the hatch sealing it tight with her Sonic Screwdriver as Camera pulls back showing an Doomsday Bunker being flown in via Helicopter and heroic music is heard as the Credit of "The Day Of The Hero" appears then fades away and the following are credited Nash Bozard, Kaylyn Dicksion, Brad Jones, Todd Nathanson, Brian Heinz, Joe Vargas, Phelan Porteous, Allison Pregler, Lindsay Ellis, Bennett White, Mickey Paradis, Benjamin Daniel, William DuFresne, Leo Thompson, Rob Walker, Fard Muhammad, Carl Kuster, Mara Wilson, Kevin Baugh as President Kevin Baugh, Bhargav Dronamraju then Bruce Campbell as Hero And Noah Antweiller as Spoony. Cameramen: Doug Walker, Rob Walker, Jim Jarosz, Ed Glaser & Mike Matei. Lighting & Sound: Justin Barnes, Terrence Dellinger. Special Effects Make up & Make up: Haley Barnes. Music: Michael ‘Skitch’ Schiciano. Orchestrations by Barney Walker, Special Effects: Jim Troken, Marek Wodzinski, Phelan Porteous, Tony Katajisto, Alyssa Raabe, Allen Stephens, Andrew Dickman & David Wenol. Writers: Doug Walker, Rob Walker, James Faraci & Chris Lee Moore. Edited & Directed by Doug Walker appear then fade as the bunker lands and camera cuts to the outside hatch opens as everyone falls out the front hatch.)

Mara Wilson (Audio only): Enjoy your ride?

Nostalgia Critic (Muffled Audio): I hope it's not who I think it is. (Everyone one by one gets up as everyone looks around at their current surroundings and The Nostalgia Critic screams as the Camera pans to see Mara Wilson & President of Molossia Kevin Baugh.)

TLOTA: Kevin Baugh, President of Molossia I presume.

President Baugh: You are correct in that presumption, right now I am in need of your assistance.

Nostalgia Critic: Huh? (Scene cuts to inside of The President's house as everyone comes in to discover an interesting piece of art.)

Nash: How did you come across this piece?

President Baugh: I found it online for a quite a pretty hefty amount of your currency.

Bennett The Sage: There seems to be a lot of depth in the picture.

Luke Mochrie: It's like it's an advanced 3D technology not even we're capable of.

Cinema Snob: What's written on the frame?

TLOTA: Ancient Caliverterian. Roughly translated it means "No More"

Mara Wilson: We had an expert try to translate it as well there are two more words that we may believe to be the title...

TLOTA: I take it the translation is..."Caliverti"....."Falls"

President Baugh: Why yes, how did you know?

TLOTA: I know (Light flashes as an image of Emmalina smiling at the camera for a few split seconds then cuts to James) I know quite a bit more than you know. (Light flashes as scene cuts to James beginning to pack the last of his belongings fifty five weeks earlier and James sighs.)

TLOTA: This is it, a new beginning. No more of this online persona I've clung onto for a while, No more of  this internet crap. Today we move out of my parents place and into a nice little place close by and I start a new job on Monday and you've got an education to get.

Emmalina: I saw a few advancements to get to where you are now. But I..(Emmalina grabs her forehead as she feels lightheaded and James notices.)
TLOTA: You okay? (Emmalina starts to get weak in the knees as James runs to grab her.) Emmalina? EMMALINA! (Scene cuts to James at the hospital as he tries to get the doctor's attention.)

Doctor: We don't know what's happening to her at all. We took a blood sample and it turned cold.

TLOTA: Can I see it? I have somethings that could help research what might be happening to her. (Cut to James unpacking ORAC as he gets ORAC active.) ORAC, tell me you can figure out what is happening to Emmalina by this blood sample. (James places Blood sample of Emmalina's blood as ORAC hums & beeps.)

ORAC: According to the sample she is reverting...

TLOTA: What do you mean? (Cut to James as he finds his mom in the nurse's lounge.) MOM! Mom! Tell me you can expunge Emmalina's file from the Medical database and I need Discharge papers for her.

James' mom: Honey, It could cost me my job. What is this all about?

TLOTA: Nothing good...for me at least but it does mean something good for you and dad. (Cut to James and Emmalina at the dock in City Island where "The Dawn Of A New Day" was docked at.)

Emmalina: So this is where you & your group started your journey to save my home.

TLOTA: Ironic that this is where our journey together ends.

Emmalina: James...How long until...?

TLOTA: A couple of hours at best. Right now I just...I want to be here with you until it's time for me to let you go. (Emmalina walks over to James carefully to sit next to him and the time elapses and James feels Emmalina tingling.) I guess it's time. Though I wish it didn't have to end this way. (James carries Emmalina becoming a mermaid again while James carries her in his arms. Emmalina while barely capable of standing kisses James one last time and hugs him leaving her amulet around his neck as a keepsake memento and sinking into the water as James slowly lets her into the ocean and she swims away leaving James to cry then cut back to the present with a tear in his eye.) Hmm, sorry didn't mean to let my mind wander. I was just thinking of her.

Lea Michele: Who was she?

Nostalgia Chick: Let's just say it's complicated. So why are we here, As a matter of fact why are you here Mara? Aren't you supposed to be like "I WILL DESTROY ALL INTERNET REVIEWERS!" or some shit like that?

Mara Wilson: I'm working in conjunction with the American Government to keep you guys from doing what you did. It's been five years since you guys attempted to invade Molossia. Both our Government and Mr. Baugh's wish to mend fences and keep the peace. While looking over the artwork he discovered this note from Mary, Queen of Scots and it was addressed to someone you all knew. (The Nostalgia Critic & Everyone around him discovers that this is indeed the handwriting of Mary, Queen of Scots.)

Mary(Audio only as images of her hand writing this letter is seen then sealing it with her family crest): To those who knew of my husband. I pray you find this letter and help me protect the pieces of artwork in my private gallery.  (Cutting back to all of them looking at the letter.)

TLOTA: But how does this tie into the art piece?

Mara Wilson: That's what the American Government wants to discover. (Camera zooms into the piece of art as scene cuts invading Vikings come in to loot, plunder and conquer Caliverti and a torch bearer is running for his life when he is suddenly accosted by a figure who turns out to be Hero.)

Hero: Torch bearer, I shall take this! (Scene cuts to Caliverterian army doing everything they can to hold off the invading forces as the torch from Hero's hands lights six pieces of ground leaving the torch at the last spot as the scene cuts to a family about to be destroyed by a Viking's axe when a Hammer flies into the Viking and with a flame in the background Hero raises the hammer in his hand on his steed with an important device inside his satchel and the camera turns to see in a large portion of field set ablaze the words "NO MORE!)