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Was "Demo Reel" that bad?

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ORAC: Disclaimer: The Following was pre-written prior to the current events involving James Faraci The Last Of The Americans.

TLOTA: I'm James Faraci, The Last Of The Americans and the views I'm about to express are that of my own and some of yours. In 2012 Doug Walker alias The Nostalgia Critic decided to retire his well known persona in the fourth anniversary special "To Boldly Flee" with that came a moment where everyone wondered "What was going to happen next?" what happened was "Demo Reel" & I am saying it was not worse than Melvin: Brother Of The Joker & The Nostalgia Critic's Let's Play. I 'm saying if people on your site are making jokes about how bad it is, I decided not adding salt & lemon juice into the open wound. But not everything about it was horrendous, it was just not what people were used to when it came from Channel Awesome and Doug Walker. But with that in mind I think I can break into three columns "Demo Reel" & those columns are where it did work, where it didn't & how it could've been better. So let's get to dealing with the three columns with where it did work.

Where "Demo Reel" worked)

"Demo Reel" worked well primarily in the supporting cast of Rachael Tietz as Rebecca Stone`, Malcolm Ray as Tacoma Narrows, Jim Jarosz as Quinn & Rob Walker as Carl Copenhagen. These may be THE best supporting cast on the planet since "The Office" pre-Steve Carell departure after Steve's departure they couldn't hold the series together at all. When they had something funny to do or done to them, it was genuinely funny like when Rebecca Stone` beat the tar out of Psychotic Turkeys while trying to do a live action version of "Wreck It Ralph" and in the episode "Blue Patches" it showed they could do good dramatic work. I also found the concept of "Demo Reel" interesting. But that's where Demo reel worked. Now let's deal with where it didn't work.

Where "Demo Reel" didn't work)

"Demo Reel" didn't work in the material they were parodying. Don't get me wrong I love a good parody. Spaceballs was a fucking RIOT, but the reason the parody worked was because it understood the source material. Unlike two guys named Seltzer & Friedberg who never understands the source of the materials they parody. "Demo Reel" tried to stay close to the source material they were trying to parody did it work? No. Another thing that didn't work was Doug thinking we'd automatically like Donnie DuPre as much as we liked the Nostalgia Critic we got to know the Nostalgia Critic & love his humorous reviews on those movies we dislike and do like. Donnie DuPre was not who we came for and the villains weren't that good either but that's also in the final column.

How "Demo Reel" could've been better)

"Demo Reel" could've been better in certain areas. First one (Show Casper The Friendly Ghost shouting TIMING! moment from "Child's Play 3" crossover between Phelous & Nostalgia Critic) and there's a reason why I did that. The first episode "Demo Reel" aired one month after the final part of "To Boldly Flee" that was a little too quick for people first off, second if he wanted to give us a taste that is where this show was going he could've shown the first episode and then waited until say early January to continue "Demo Reel" by then you could've come to the conclusion that maybe there's room for both "Nostalgia Critic" & "Demo Reel". Second area was the villains, that's not to say they were bad, they were unimaginative. The main antagonist were a Swedeing actors union and in the final episode before the bridging episode "The Review Must Go On" were fans of Donnie's actual past as a former child star who was in two movies that were like two starring a little fella who tried to be the man who would be Darth Vader and a hint of a certain former child star who exacted a bit of revenge on the Nostalgia Critic. The final thing that could've been better was the story arc of the series. Let's just say had Doug & Rob not been the only writers on "Demo Reel" it would've been on right now alongside "Nostalgia Critic"

Now with all that said was "Demo Reel" that bad? Well... let's say it could've been worse. While I am glad for the reboot of the Nostalgia Critic that happened in 2013. I wasn't jumping for joy over "Demo Reel"'s demise in fact I thought things were getting better and while I hope to see a revival of "Demo Reel" and have it in the Channel Awesome continuity let's say I'm not holding my breath in anticipation of it's return. I'm James Faraci The Last Of The Americans & that's my opinion.

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