Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Just Add Water: My Mako Adventure: H2O: Just Add Water Season 3 Part 1

(Scene begins with Will being attacked relentlessly by the moon pool water as it's being activated as James does a voiceover)

James Faraci:I think Katara from "Avatar: The Last Airbender" is at a certain time of the month and is using her bending on the Moon Pool incognito actually I think she wouldn't have been as subtle. Probably blood bending this guy like a pretzel, otherwise I've got nothing or rather Welcome my friends "H2O: Just Add Water" Season 3

(Cut to Scenes from season three of "H2O: Just Add Water" as "No Ordinary Girl" is played  in the background before cutting Mako Island before it cuts to a scene of James in a lounge chair and the words "Just Add Water: My Mako Adventure" above James before cutting to black and then stills of certain things as James does a voiceover.)

James Faraci (Voiceover): So yeah, it's been some time since I was here and there have been somethings I need to talk about. So let's get them out of the way. Yes, I am aware of the YouTube personality KiraKennedy and his Streamin' Reviews of the series "Mako Mermaids", I have been in contact with the man behind the reviews and to be honest I like his reviews. He and I have talked about our thoughts on the show. While I like him and his work and I appreciate his honesty on Mako Mermaids, I am still going to talk about Mako Mermaids this September with my own opinions and thoughts on that series. Yes, I am aware The Bureau Of Magical Things, however I am certain it is not connected to The Shiff-Verse of Mermaid shows. If it is and it somehow cleans up the mess of Mako Mermaids Season 3 then I will add it in Next summer and finally Yes I have been hearing stronger rumors of a reunion movie for both H2O: Just Add Water and Mako Mermaids that act as a crossover event between the two shows or another season of Mako Mermaids that acts as the bridge between both "H2O: Just Add Water" and "Mako Mermaids". Unless there is actual news, footage or a trailer or anything the rumors are just that, rumors and nothing more. 

(Cut to clips of the show and the season as James does a voiceover)

James Faraci (Voiceover): Also I want to thank everybody so far for being patient as I do this Summer Retrospective series. But for those who aren't as patient, let me take the time out from the retrospective of the third and final season of "H2O: Just Add Water" to address this one last time. The only set schedule for this Retrospective is the Summer Solstice which is June 21st to the Autumn Equinox which is September 21st. The Reviews will be done when they are done! Not one second before and not one hour less! In case you don't know I do things that keep me busy! Which includes taking care of my parents, fishing, I tend a summer vegetable garden, I've been trying to go out on a date and also I have to do my monthly workload of one review and one editorial and also setting up a lot of my work for the fall and winter and that includes my January through March stretch which serves as a season premiere of my reviews as "The Last Of The Americans", also I've been busy putting my backlog which was on and I've been putting it on and that takes time, especially since I've been doing "The Last Of The Americans" for over four years now as a reviewing personality. In addition people don't seem to know how much work goes into this Summer Retrospective Series. Here is the process. I watch the entire series! In the case of "H2O: Just Add Water" is 78 half hour episodes which I watched during the Winter of 2016-2017. I also had to take notes of all the plot points, storylines, Characters, etcetera and after I went through "H2O: Just Add Water", I repeated the process for "Mako Mermaids" which is 68 half hour episodes and then I watched both series again in case I missed something in my first viewing of the series and I go and try to find first hand information for any Behind The Scenes info that is pertinent to anything involving the series and finding that is as tedious as all get out. So when will the next chapter of "Just Add Water: My Mako Adventure" happen? In September and it'll be done, when it is done! I'm sorry if I'm coming across like I'm angry which I am not. I appreciate the fact that people want me to continue with this and I am doing everything under the sun, stars and the moon to get this Summer Retrospective done by the end of said season! It's not easy nor does it happen overnight! I said this before in the introduction before I talked about season one of  "H2O: Just Add Water". I am in uncharted waters, literally and figuratively. While I appreciate people telling me about things and what is filler and what is important to the story, that is something I have to handle myself. And again I beg you PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS! Everything will be watched, evaluated and be given a fair chance to either impress or disappoint me. Stop telling me what happens in the series! You are not helping, you are likely going to piss me off and let me tell you pissing off a 300 lb. Redneck Italian from Sullivan County New York IS NOT going to end well for you also I am trying to have fun while I watch and do this! Constantly saying what I just said detracts from this and it doesn't equal fun for me, it makes things a Chore and if this becomes a chore I will be disinclined to continue doing this until I feel that it is NOT a chore. Now that I've made it clear let's get into the final season of "H2O: Just Add Water" already.

As I said before, Season Two was meant to be the final season. However fans wanted another season despite the fact that the cast having gone their separate ways and the sets and props were probably either sold off or destroyed outright! But apparently Network Ten was willing to acquiesce to the fans and fund another full 26 episode season with one proviso, an assured spin-off to be made down the line. We'll talk about that spin-off in September.

The season itself begins with "The Awakening" It's Rikki and Cleo's senior year in High School and they're excited and yet saddened that Emma is gone on a trip around the world. The reason for that happening was sadly Emma's actress Claire Holt couldn't commit to a full season having gotten a role in an independent slasher flick, so the writers decided to write her out. We'll soon meet her replacement in this episode, also the Juice Bar they hung out in has closed down. Damn, that's a double dose of something sad involving the duo. But at the insistence of Zane, He and Rikki buy the Juice Bar and decide to Run it! Now I'm sure in Australia, there are certain legalities that'd allow the Bank to own the ground and part of the businesses built on said ground and I hope there are some legalities here in the States but I HIGHLY DOUBT A COUPLE OF TEENS CAN OWN A BUSINESS AND KEEP IT GOING AND STAY IN SCHOOL! Otherwise this is just freaking silly! But they get it going and hire a new singer to perform there Bella (Cut to a still of Kristen Stewart from "Twilight") NOT FUNNY! (Cut back to the Season Premiere of H2O: Just Add Water as James does a voiceover)

James Faraci (Voiceover): No, This Bella actually has a personality and a surprise which we'll get into when it comes in this episode. She is one of the few new characters for this season including Will and his sister Sophie! While Rikki's new club has it's official opening night, Will finds the moon pool and in a moment of implausibility physically attacks Will and grabs Rikki from far away. Cleo tries to grab Rikki before the water which has become a tentacle drags her back to the Island but the two quickly are assisted by Bella, who happens to be a mermaid herself! (Cut to Robot Chicken's version of M. Night Shaymalan as he says "What A Twist!" before cutting back to the series as James does a voiceover)

James Faraci (Voiceover): Rikki and Cleo befriend Bella to avoid another Charlotte incident thank god for that idea and the three try to figure out what was the cause of the Moon Pool's sudden attack and why the water came for Rikki. "The Awakening" was a good start for the storyline of the season, it introduces a new conflict, introduces the new characters quickly and is a good way to set the new Status Quo.  In the next episode Lewis and Cleo decide to investigate why the water in Moon Pool did what it did until Lewis' departure later on this season. After some filler episodes we finally get into Bella's backstory in "Revealed" Will discovers a connection between Mako Island, Bella and the Moon Pool. We also discover how Bella got her tail and her powers which is to Gelatinize Water. Apparently Bella found another Moon Pool in Ireland when she was a kid and after a while Bella thought for her that being a mermaid was normal. The season comes to a twist in the episode "To Have And To Hold Back". Cleo's father found love again in a marine licensing inspector and decided to get married much to the Chagrin of Cleo's little sister. Meanwhile Lewis gets approved to go to a Research Center in America. Kim nearly ruins the wedding but Cleo thankfully tells her sister it's what their dad wants so they have to abide and that the two still have their father. Meanwhile Bella, Rikki and Cleo decide the happy couple should have their Wedding on Mako Island and after much discussion Cleo says to Lewis to go to America and with that we say goodbye to Lewis for the rest of the season. While we don't see any of the usual tropes of the happy couple forced to say goodbye to one another, you can tell at times after this episode that Cleo's thoughts are on Lewis and it is sad that we won't see him again until the final episode. (Fade to Black)

To Be Concluded in Part 2