Friday, April 28, 2017

Just Add Water: My Mako Adventure: Introduction

(Opening starts off with shots of three teenage girls from "H2O: Just Add water" as they dive into the water as the scene changes to the Moon Pool on Mako Island as the three teenage girls come up as mermaids before cutting to three teenage mermaids and Zac Blakely falling into the Moon Pool from "Mako Mermaids" before cutting to Zac Blakely of "Mako Mermaids" in his merman form before cutting to an image of an island and a pod of mermaids outside of Mako Island as it cuts to a scene of James in a lounge chair and the words "Just Add Water: My Mako Adventure" above James all the while The Opening themes to both "H2O: Just Add Water" & "Mako Mermaids" intercut together before cutting to clips of both "H2O: Just Add Water" & "Mako Mermaids" intercut together as James does a voiceover)

James Faraci (Voiceover): I've always wanted to do a retrospect of a TV Series. However I wanted to do it on a series I'm familiar with. But with Linkara having done Power Rangers, Obscurus Lupa having done Charmed, My Blood Brother and best friend Chris Lee Moore The Rowdy Reviewer doing the Ninja Turtles, I could either set the bar low or do the best with something I can take.
THANK GOD FOR JONATHAN M. SHIFF AND HIS UNIVERSE OF MERMAID FANTASY SHOWS and from what has been rumored he's making a movie made in the same said universe. Whether or not it's reviewed here or as I do it as "The Last Of The Americans" is entirely up to how good or bad it is.

But I digress. Jonathan M. Shiff created two series about an island and mermaids, one in 2006 all the way through 2010 and the other one recently ending a mere DECADE after the first series began production though there are rumors that there is another season is in production as well the aforementioned movie but those are just rumors and hearsay and until I get the actual facts I'm only going on second hand facts and I hate that. I want the actual true story from EVERYONE involved and not just one story that maybe true and several that maybe false. But also I need to make sure I focus on what's important on this retrospect, the characters, the stories and the series itself. That is why you will NOT hear a lot of the behind the scenes stories until I get verification because when I get verification THAT is when I will go into the behind the scenes of both series with the  exception for a theory here and there.

Also, I will NOT be talking about the animated series that was released on Netflix either. But if I HAD to say something about it I will say that sadly the series itself was really not that good and the fact it was made by the same animation studio that did the animation on "Totally Spies" and is about as loosely based on the live action series as it could get outside of the reboots of "MacGyver", "Knight Rider", "The Bionic Woman" & "Charlie's Angels".

Plus, I will be honest about where the live action shows was good and where it went bad also how I feel I could've improved the series as well. In addition, this is a summer series! Meaning I will be talking about these series during the months of June all the way through September and I might not get to Mako Mermaids THIS YEAR I may talk about the first season if I can before September 21st because for me September 21st is the first day of Autumn. I will NOT tolerate questions of "When is the next one coming?" during the Autumn, Winter and Spring months especially while I have a lot on my plate. Keep in mind I do a monthly review and editorial as my workload, then there are the behind the scenes mishaps that occur while I do these monthly review and editorials also I need to have a life OUTSIDE of this. I take care of my parents, I tend a summer garden, I fish, and oh yeah, it's called trying to going out on a date or two.

AND FOR THE LOVE OF PEAT MOSS! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! PLEASE AVOID SPOILING THINGS FOR ME! Please bear in mind I want to enjoy this as much as I can! Telling me what happens does not make it enjoyable to me, it becomes a very intolerable Chore! And should this project become a chore, I will be disinclined to continue doing this until I feel that it is NOT a chore plus, I'm in Semi unknown waters both literally and figuratively. These shows were made in Australia and it somehow found itself through the power of the internet becoming successful internationally that is rare especially for two series like this.

And one last note, I AM AWARE THAT I AM A MAN IN MY MID 30's TALKING ABOUT A SERIES MEANT FOR TEEN/TWEENS & KIDS THAT WAS PRODUCED IN AUSTRALIA.  Please understand at the time of this post, I have three nieces. One who is four years old and their twin sisters 10 years older than the four year old. I AM SO AWARE OF THE SITUATION, DEADPOOL LOOKED AT HOW AWARE I AM OF MY SITUATION AND HANDED ME A CHIMICHANGA AS A SIGN OF RESPECT! With all of that said, let's dive into the moon pool at Mako Island and talk about the first series "H2O: Just add Water"