Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Scariest Thing That's Happened To Me.

Hey Guys, James Faraci here and I'm out of character to tell possibly one of the scariest things to ever happen to me. You know those castles you see in those classic Horror movies where you know there should be these large signs saying "DO NOT GO HERE!" "YOU WILL DIE FROM SCREAMING AND SOILING YOURSELVES!" Well, I foolishly went into one on Black Lake in Upstate New York. (Cut to an small town in Black Lake in Upstate New York and then images of Heart Island on Black Lake in Upstate as James does a voiceover)

James Faraci (Voiceover): It was the Summer of 2000 and I was on a fishing vacation with my mom, my dad and my sister and I don't remember which of us suggested or heard about this place called Heart Island and I remember the skies being blue that day we went there and there was this ferry boat to the island and I remember seeing the sky go from blue to grey the second we get to the island. At that point I was calmly thinking "This is kind of weird" but thought nothing of it. I soon went to this video presentation on the island and I remember my mom giving me this attempt to jump scare me by putting her hand on my shoulder and I got scared and a little while later I felt another hand on that shoulder and I looked where I felt the hand and there was no one or nothing there and my mom had her hands on her lap. It was by that point I was trying to tell myself "There's nothing really there, it's just my imagination playing tricks on me." that is until my mom and dad had me and my sister go up a staircase and there were NO open windows, NO open doors as soon as the flash went off on the camera, I felt this cold breeze going up and down my back and by that time my mind is screaming "GET OFF THIS ISLAND! NOW!" but I decided to tough it out and for a while things calmed down. I soon get to this one place where these couples carved their names and next thing I saw as I walked out, I swear I saw the couples who carved their names and I then blinked and they were gone. I was wondering if my mind was playing more tricks on me and later on when I was under a tunnel and I saw a face that wasn't mine and there was no one else, by that time I was starting to crack under the fear, I would've hijacked a boat and gone to jail for stealing with a smile with a face that was how bad I wanted off that island. But I tried to hold on for awhile longer. Eventually my family & I came upon a Fountain and of course we took photos and guess what when I was there, there was no one, NO ONE behind us. But weeks later when the photos came back there were two people behind us and I said to myself, "No way! NO WAY IN HELL was there anyone back there!". But for me the one moment that broke me was when my family was in a gift shop and I and no one in the shop was near a novelty fish and it went off and sang the song that played when my dad had his first heart attack which just happened to be Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry Be Happy" by that point I had my fill and when the Ferry back to the main land came I nearly overshot the Ferry and bolted towards the mainland running all the way back and guess what, I have not been back there since that day. (Cut to James physically)

James Faraci: That's right, I have a ghost story and if you have one where you are involved, let me or anyone on the internet hear it because trust me people want to know. Especially on Halloween.