Monday, June 29, 2015

The End Of Mankind Part Five

(Scene starts at E-Rod's apartment in front of E-Rod's Fridge and Nerdlinger walks in.)

Nerdlinger: I hope E-Rod don't mind if I take a drink. (E-Rod lands on Nerdlinger and the two get up and shake off what happened.) E-Rod! What are you doing in the fridge?

E-Rod: Well, I figure hey it's Florida, it's warm. I'd chill out in the fridge. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK I WAS DOING IN THERE?!

Nerdlinger: Staying cool?! (E-Rod ughs then sighs!)

E-Rod: I can't stay mad at you.  JARVIS, What's going on?

JARVIS: The Last Of The Americans accidentally teleported Lazarus Dark and has tasked him into studying A Paradox Rift. Lazarus has taken the ship

E-Rod: WHAT?  The shit just hit the fan. Sorry about cursing in front of you Nerdlinger.

Nerdlinger: Oh I'm used to you using saying bad words. Here I thought you might need this(Nerdlinger hands the actual Blockbuster Buster hammer to E-Rod and transforms into "The Blockbuster Buster")

Blockbuster Buster: JARVIS Send me to Omega Coordinates.

JARVIS: SIR?! Omega Coordinates are only to be used in case...

Blockbuster Buster: ...Of an emergency and the end of the world should qualify. Wish me luck Nerdlinger, cause I'm gonna need it! Allons-Y! (E-Rod teleports away before cutting to a black screen with James' message of "The Base has been compromised. Send no reply. Stay hidden. Send no reply. Our saboteur has jumped the gun and now we've got to go to our end game. Send no reply. Do Not Go Home, repeat Do Not Go Home. Send No reply" while seeing Linkara in his Captain's Chair sitting in sadness and then cut to several others just with sad looks on their faces as well as everyone else in E-Rod's ship getting sad except for Lazarus who sits in his Captain's chair with a grin on his face before cutting back to Linkara dressed as a Captain in Star Trek with a heavy sadness on his face.)

Linkara: Nimue open communications to E-Rod's Ship and to all decks on Comicron-One.

Nimue: Channels open.

Linkara (Audio only as scenes of everyone listening are seen.): As of this moment we're now fighting for our survival. As for our exploratory mission, I am in charge. The remaining power of command now goes to the Nostalgia Critic. We trust ourselves and no one else. To all who we associate ourselves with, if you are truly loyal then heaven help you because for as much as we trust you it is with profound sadness to tell you this but we cannot help you out of this situation. Linkara out. (Shuts off communication then cuts to The Nostalgia Critic in the hallway as The Nostalgia Critic tosses a ball onto a wall before Hyper Fan Girl catches it.)

Hyper Fan Girl (C): Hey how am I holding up? (Hyper Fan Girl tosses the ball to The Nostalgia Critic)

Nostalgia Critic: Well considering I marry someone I tortured for the sake of my reviews and the world is on the brink, I'd have to say I'm hanging on to sanity by it's fumes. Which makes no sense in the grand scheme of things.(The Nostalgia Critic tosses a ball to Hyper Fan Girl)

Hyper Fan Girl (C): Trust me when I say things don't make sense anymore do you think I'd want to be stuck inside Hyper Fan Girl?(Hyper Fan Girl tosses the ball to The Nostalgia Critic)

Nostalgia Critic: Point taken. But it just seems I'd find someone else. As far as I know the future isn't set in stone yet.(The Nostalgia Critic tosses a ball to Hyper Fan Girl)

Hyper Fan Girl (C): That's true. Who knows if things work out, you might wind up with Hyper or a pretty good woman.(Hyper Fan Girl tosses the ball to The Nostalgia Critic)

Nostalgia Critic: I just want to avoid being in an apocalypse where my colleagues and the few friends I have die because of what I do.(The Nostalgia Critic tosses a ball to Hyper Fan Girl)

Hyper Fan Girl (C): Well You and I know that Ma-Ti's death wasn't your fault but the fact remains that you and I blame the fact if we didn't drive him off into stupid things like say The Goat porn he'd still be around.(Hyper Fan Girl tosses the ball to The Nostalgia Critic)

Nostalgia Critic: That's true. (The Two converse some more as their audio is slowly muted as Rowdy bumps into Alex DeCourville.)
Rowdy: Hey Alex, can I have a word with you in private?

Alex DeCourville: Sure thing. (Cut to the two in the "Engine Room")

Rowdy: I think something is up with E-Rod. Either it's not really him or someone has him under a spell either way don't follow his instructions.

Alex DeCourville: And if say someone like the Critic disappears or Count Jackula drops dead we'll know it was him or say someone got pissed off and dropped Jackula like a bad habit.

Rowdy: Listen all I know now is that James knows the person leading us isn't E-Rod.

Alex DeCourvile: How do you know that?

Rowdy: James told me in private that E-Rod told him that E-Rod renamed the Exit Strategy to The Gellar.

Alex DeCourville: So what do we do?

TLOTA: James gave me a private communication code to Jamietud. I've already told him what's going down and I hope he tells Linkara. (Cut to Jamietud keeping an eye onthe energy readings from the Rift )

Jamietud: Jamietud to Linkara, Come in Linkara. (Cut to Linkara in the Cockpit of Comicron One)

Linkara: You're coming in loud and clear. (Cut to Jamietud)

Jamietud: The energy is stable but according to Chris Stuckmann there's audio coming in. (Cut to Linkara)

Linkara: Let me connect to E-Rod and then we'll all listen. (Cut to E-Rod's ship as audio of James and everyone's voice saying things and then everyone listening.)