Monday, April 24, 2017

The #WTFU One Year Later

(0:36-end mark from the theme from the final season of American Gladiators original run play the camera moves back to see James on top of the slab with the words “The Last Of The Americans” on it then cutting to James in his chair)

TLOTA: I'm James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and the views that I'm about to express are that of my own and those of the people I consider my friends, colleagues, comrades in arms, partners and most importantly people I call Blood Brothers & Soul Sisters. Around this time last year I was made aware of something that I was partly aware of. When I do a review, I am aware I will be in the crosshairs of the people who worked on the movie or series whether they be the directors, the writers, the producers, the actors, EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO WORKED ON THE SUBJECT OF EITHER MY VENOM OR PRAISE! But here's the thing the subject of my review I always try to be as fair as I can towards the subject of my review especially when certain things or performances in the movie are involved. No matter how bad or good the subject of my review! But when a moviemaker attacks the reviewer are different than what the person who made the movie and decides to go so far as to cause the reviewer to no longer be able to do a review that is an attack on freedom of speech as well as the livelihood of not just the one reviewer but ALL OF US! So what did we do, we made a hashtag that stands for "Where's The Fair Use?" and while a lot of us in the Internet Reviewerverse, myself included were realistic in our beliefs of what would happen, some people thought once this hashtag trended it would make news, it would let Hollywood know that we're here to stay, it would tell those in Washington DC that we had rights, that in some way it would legitimize us as a Viable source of thoughts on the world. Well let me say this, a trend on the internet lasts (Snaps fingers) that long if at all! And since it has been a year since the "Where's The Fair Use?" hashtag happened has anything that happened that the dreamers thought would have happened? Well there has been NO laws that prohibit Internet Reviewers to do their job though I'm sure as hell they tried to pass those laws and I checked and researched everywhere and as of this post I am still able to my job as much as The Nostalgia Critic can as well as Todd In The Shadows, Linkara, Rowdy, Every last one of us can still do our job. So if we can still do our jobs legally though I'm sure Hollywood would love for a law like that to pass. Why do you think Blip was bought by Disney? The answer, so it could be shut down and internet reviewers would've died out. But Washington D.C. is only a  third of the problem. My question is towards the other two-thirds of the problem, WHY IN THE HELL DOES YOUTUBE THINK THEY CAN STOP US FROM MAKING A LIVING? OR FOR THAT MATTER WHY IS HOLLYWOOD LOOKING FOR ANY LEGAL LOOPHOLE TO PREVENT US FROM DOING OUR JOB? And here's the thing I understand that YouTube and it's parent company Google is a business and they have to protect their assets, but they shouldn't be assaulting the people I call members of my family. Like as of recent when Linkara had his channel removed though technically through a glitch or because Walter Banasiak wanted to celebrate the Career of The Undertaker from WWE, that video didn't even make it to YouTube and Walter tried desperately to keep it in the legal limits that YouTube and they STILL refused to allow him to post itbut those two are just a sample of the multiple times when YouTube and Google have attacked us and there have been multiple times when fraudulent claims and strikes have been placed on them and most of the YouTubers, not gonna name names on the channels because guess what YouTube and your Draconian ways have shut them down for good because YouTube have left the decisions to bots that favor those who put the claims and strikes up ON the channel. I won't name names, but I will name and attack the ASSHOLES who have done a lot of their stupidity and I will slam YouTube. There was an incident a few months before the "Where's The Fair Use?" hashtag was brought into public infamous Schlockmeister Uwe Boll made an ASS out of himself on one of his Crowdfunding campaigns and decided that the fans were ungrateful for his work. It's not that, ASSHOLE! what it IS speaking the plain truth is the fact that while you have good ideas you don't execute them well AND that is where we have a problem and we suffer from your work! Then of course we have the ever continual back and forth between Tommy Wiseau and "The Nostalgia Critic" Doug Walker who was forced last year BY Wiseau to take down not only his Review of Wiseau's movie "The Room" but also a segment entitled "Shut Up & Talk" to be taken down on Channel Awesome's YouTube Channel only for a few weeks but I think, me personally both of them were forcibly taken down BY Wiseau because his hypocrisy was showing. Want to know why I think that? Simple I checked out the "Shut Up & Talk" segment after it had been reposted and guess what Wiseau said at the beginning of the segment. He said and I am quoting his insane ass "The reason I am doing because you know, I think people should understand that I am pro-freedom!" OH REALLY WISEAU?! IS THAT WHY WHEN THE REVIEW OF THE ROOM WAS POSTED ON CHANNELAWESOME.COM BACK WHEN IT WAS KNOWN AS THATGUYWITHTHEGLASSES.COM YOU THREATENED A LAWSUIT TO DOUG AND ROB WALKER, TO MIKE MICHAUD AND EVERYONE AT CHANNEL AWESOME YOU IGNORANT FREAKY FOREIGNER FROM PARTS UNKNOWN?! YEAH, IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHEN THE TRUTH IS SPOKEN ABOUT YOU THEN YOU KNOW WHAT YOU CAN KISS MY ASS! If it weren't for The Nostalgia Critic's review and Adult Swim's April Fool's airing marathon of your cinematic opus, I probably wouldn't have given your movie a second's thought! But I have watched your movie and I do not think it is a bad movie, nor is it a good movie, could've it had been better OH GOD YES! Could it have been worse? YOU BET YOUR ASS! But the fact I survived means that I can actually use your movie as a bar standard for me to totally do reviews! But the one filmmaker that has used YouTube to silence his critics because he thinks they are bullying him is Derek Savage! You claim that those who use your footage from your "Cinematic Opus" "Cool Cat Saves The Kids" and uses them under REAL fair use laws to openly and honestly say their honest opinions about YOUR work AND YOU CALL THEM "BULLIES"! It must be so fun being you isn't it? Saying that people who review movies as their profession who spent the money they could've used to pay their rent or mortgages, the money they could've spent on buying groceries or clothing or anything else spent their money on buying your movie and decided to be honest about your movie are nothing but "Trolls" & "Bullies"! Alright then Derek if you that's how you want to spin it. Then I suggest you listen to people who are NOT internet reviewers and for those who I am quoting please understand I tried in good faith and ability to contact you if I could quote you in my editorial please understand that & if I somehow misinterpret what you are saying about this movie then let me apologize right now to you. Now the ones from IMDB this first one I find particularly piquant saying quote " This film is an abomination. There is no movie making know-how - it's a badly made home-made movie. Apart from the awful acting, lack of discernible plot, terrible lighting, and clich├ęd dialogue, it's got terrible advice on bullying." end quote. Then there's this one and I quote "The movie is complete rubbish, and "Daddy Derek" has a paedophile complex. I would not poison my own children, or even the children of my worst enemy to this. The best you could've done is teach the brain dead little children in the film how to act, and maybe go over the script and plot in order for it to make at least some sense. Children don't need to be subjected to such idiocy, and I feel for any child forced to sit through this. Also, the fact that you use your disdain for criticism in order to silence somebody, who may be making very little money as a content creator, is sociopathic. Derek Savage should be ashamed, but obviously, he does not have the capacity for shame" end quote. Then there is this person's thoughts on your "Movie" saying quote "This movie is a prime example of why some ideas deserve to stay on the shelf and not have a movie. This so-called film is merely a collection of PSAs that are lazily put together and because of that I might as well watch some of the older PSAs made from the early 90's and late 80's since I could probably find more entertainment and educational value to them than this squabble. The titular character (a man dressed in a orange cat suit) is literally screaming all of his lines through the costume rather than having it dubbed in a studio like any sane person would and it comes off as both annoying and scary rather than "cool". The lighting is nonexistent; the acting from the children, the two d-list celebrities and Derek Savage himself can be described as either hammed-in or underplayed; the sound and music are both disjointed and pitiful, the sets are just a bunch of California houses with a variety of incredibly lame posters of Cool Cat taped everywhere, especially on top of framed pictures and various furniture. Of course this movie felt it necessary to have perhaps the worst green screen montage that I have ever seen. Not to mention the cheap quality merchandise that is sold at both eBay and Amazon for this flick, as well as at the Derek Savage website with what I can see has some rather questionable material that children might accidentally have access to and may not be suited for. Derek Savage clearly has no idea how children think and act and his sad attempt to create a Mascot for anti-bullying and other pressing matters seem to fall apart within every minute that you watch this garbage. There are way better PSAs out there that actually get the message across, unlike this pile of nonsense and if you value your sanity I'd advise that you and your children steer clear from this train wreak of a film." end quote. Then there's this one saying quote "One of the worst kids movies ever, crude, cheap, and terrible misguided messages. The director sucked at conveying anti bullying messages and used stereotypes to show the bully. Many editing mistakes could be seen. The music is out of sync for one half of the video. It was unbearably boring and pointless. Any kid who watches this will get the wrong idea about bullying entirely." end quote. Then there are the ones from like this one saying quote "If I can rate zero on these reviews that I would for this pile of garbage. Bad acting, non existent sound mixing, non existent lighting, plot that's all over the place and not to mention the bad reputation this movie has with its incompetent creator, director and Derek Savage. Avoid this mess and spend your money on something better." end quote. Then there's this one saying quote "The editing is akin to something I made in my freshman year of high school, the plot is all over the place, and to say the acting is bad would be TOO generous." end quote. Then there's this one "I watched this with a friend thinking it'd be so bad it's good, but it's barely even that." end quote. Then here's this person's thoughts were simple yet honest saying quote "Worst movie made for children ever made!" end quote. So the people who bought your film. The everyday people who should've used the money for food, heat, clothing, rent and or mortgage, a car payment, anything else that would've been useful in their everyday life who decided to spend the very little cash they have on buying your movie and they regret it. Are they Trolls? Are they bullies who don't understand your Artistic vision? Or are YOU the bully for forcing people with opinions, with honest beliefs and regrets about your movie NOT to criticize your movie. I only saw clips from reviews of your movie and that was more than enough for me as a grown man with three nieces to make an informed, intelligent and honest decision NOT to buy it because I believe it would've insulted their intelligence, my intelligence and intelligence in general. Now I know what many of you are wondering, "What led me to act this way in an editorial? Why am I so angry? What is James thinking for a solution if hit thoughts believing "Where's The Fair Use?" hashtag isn't going to work and What else does he have to say?" Well here are the answers. As for why I did this editorial this way,  For me the straw that broke my back was the Linkara/YouTube incident, I could inundate everyone with images of my fellow internet reviewers being attacked but it doesn't seem to register. Why I'm getting angry is because I actively tried to hope that things wouldn't get this far but it apparently has to be this way. And to answer the last question, like I said The reason this whole "Where's The Fair Use?" hashtag trending thing is failing is because it is exactly that, A Trend. It's been close to 20 years since I last did the Macarena or worn pants around my ankles if I were to do that today I'd be laughed off the internet! The answer, in my opinion is to unionize every single Internet Reviewer. Let Hollywood and Washington DC know we are NOT gonna go away because they want us to. Washington and Hollywood KNOW that we are not a fad or a trend and why do I think we need to unionize? Let me explain it in terms I understand. I am an outdoorsman and I hunt for meat and while I enjoy being in the outdoors, I don't hunt to make a species extinct, What Washington and Hollywood are doing is hunting us until WE are extinct and they pass laws to ensure the continuation of the sport and the continuation of the species, but I feel the more we sit back and accept it, the more of us are accepting that we need to be made extinct. I cannot sit back any more. Believe it or not as much as people loved to hear the Professional Critics on Morning Shows and read them on Newspaper, they now want to hear from guys like me, Brad Jones, Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug, "Rowdy C" Chris Lee Moore, Doug "The Nostalgia Critic" Walker, James Rolfe "The Angry Video Game Nerd", Gus "The Nostalgia Kid" Webb, Noah "Spoony" Antwiler, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US WITH A CAMERA OR A KEYBOARD AND AN OPINION WHO ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT WHAT WE LIKE AND SEE WHAT WE CARE ABOUT BE MADE BETTER! BUT WE CAN'T DO THAT WHILE HOLLYWOOD AND WASHINGTON D.C. ARE TRYING TO MAKE US EXTINCT.  So to every Tommy Wiseau, Derek Savage and EVERY SINGLE STUDIO WITH A VENDETA TOWARDS US AND HOW WE REVIEW YOUR WORKS AND TO EVERY PERSON WITH A VENDETTA TOWARDS US, LET ME SAY THAT YOUR ACTIONS ARE POSSIBLY MORE VULGAR THAN ANY BAD REVIEW WE COULD EVER HAVE TOWARDS YOUR WORK OR TOWARDS YOU! SO ON BEHALF OF ALL OF US INTERNET REVIEWERS WHO HAVE HAD IT WITH EVERY SINGLE ACTION AGAINST US, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US WHO HAVE WATCHED AS ONE OF OUR BRETHERN FALL AT THE HANDS OF EVERY UNPROVOKED ATTACK BROUGHT UPON BY SOME JACK-ASS WITH THE BRAINS GOD DIDN'T GIVE A GOOSE AND THE ATTITUDE OF A TWO YEAR OLD ON A PERMANENT TEMPER TANTRUM BECAUSE SOMEONE TOLD THEM SOMETHING THEY DIDN'T LIKE! I SAY TO ALL OF YOU PILES OF TRASH WHOSE BRAINS ARE SET ON "I FLY DA CHOO-CHOO TRAIN",I SAY YOU CAN ALL GO TO HELL AND TRY TO CHANGE THINGS THERE BECAUSE WE'RE HERE TO STAY WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT WE'VE GOT OPINONS THAT SPEAK FOR THE PEOPLE WHO BUY YOUR PRODUCT AND FOR MANY OF THEM WHO REGRET BUYING YOUR PRODUCT INSTEAD OF SOMETHING USEFUL! I'm James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and that's my opinion!