Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Day Of The Hero Part 4

(Scene starts at a set of elevator doors opening up where Mara Wilson, President Baugh, E-Rod, Malcolm, Tamara, Lea Michele, Naya Rivera & Chris Colfer walk through to a hallway.)

President Baugh: This is the X Vault. Memory filters surround the hall and the vault itself so that way everything is secured and while your associate's tagline is "I remember it so you don't have to." These will make sure no one must remembers anything within this place because it must be this way. (Everyone walks down the hallway when E-Rod's smartphone goes off and he discovers on the caller ID that it's JARVIS and signals everyone else that he'll be along in a few minutes.)

Blockbuster Buster: All right JARVIS it better be good.

JARVIS: I suggest you take our conversation off the speaker function.(E-Rod takes the call off of the smartphone.)

Blockbuster Buster: Make it quick.

JARVIS: I was able to track you down through your cellular number and opened a line of communication. I overheard someone say the following: "Duplecon" & "Doctor Insano". After successfully locating and hacking Dr. Insano's database on the subject of Duplecon I discovered they could successfully copy themselves to be anyone, their true form is that of Porcupine Quills, Blue Skin & Silver teeth which are coated in a lethal poison. I am going to download a program into your battle glasses to help you detect which are real and which ones are Duplecons. Be careful sir.

Blockbuster Buster: Thanks JARVIS. (E-Rod rejoins the group as scene cuts to everyone else inside a dungeon and James is fiddling around with his Sonic Screwdriver and Rowdy's Phone.)

Rowdy: So what do you hope to accomplish with that Sonic Screwdriver and my Phone?

TLOTA: Hopefully The Sonic function in this thing can act as a Temporal Satellite.

Everyone else: Wha?

TLOTA: Once I do what I have to do, it will carry the signal back to the 21st century to the person I hope will this will work.

Angry Joe: So what do we do to pass the time away? (8-Bit Mickey pulls out a Harmonica and starts playing "Nobody Knows The Trouble I've seen" and Joe grabbing & throwing away the Harmonica only for 8-Bit Mickey to pull out another one only for Joe to get angrier and eventually throwing his other Harmonica away only for 8 Bit Mickey to pull a large Harmonica just to play "Nobody Knows The Trouble I've seen" and everyone groan in misery)

8 Bit Mickey: Well What did you guys expect?

Hero: Oh I don't know maybe something intelligent to break up the "Timey Wimey" isn't what you called it uh?

TLOTA: James

Hero: Right. (As several Channel Awesome members & Spoony pace back & forth The Conscience sits and enjoys everything and Hero looks as The Conscience says "Shhh!")

The Conscience: They can't see or hear me ask if one of them knows your legend.

Hero: Say just out of curiosity, do any of you guys know the legend of Hero? (Everyone one by one says no until TLOTA says yes.)

Nostalgia Critic: You meant to say no right?

TLOTA: Unfortunately for everyone here, I do know. Hero was an ordinary guy back in the days of the ancient gods before the Greek Pantheon. All his days were devoted to helping people for no other reason except for one reason, because it was right. He did deeds no matter how big or how small for the same reason because it was right. In his early days Zeus saw what Hero had done & proceeded to make Hero Immortal. The only way Hero could ever die is if he were to do something so incredible that he'd be free from Immortality and go to the heavens where he can be at peace. But he did something wrong instead, he wound up on Caliverti during it's final days.

Sci-Fi Guy: Wait a second, you mean to tell us what we did last year had no bearing on it's fate?

TLOTA: I didn't say that. Everything ends eventually and Hero was the one to end Caliverti's time on this planet. A great war broke out and he did the one thing even he was incapable of.

Hero: Which was what?

TLOTA: No one needs to know what happened.

The Conscience: I know what is going to happen. You are going to do something so horrible that it'll destroy you and you will know no peace. Ask how many children died on the last day of Caliverti?

Hero: He destroyed Caliverti didn't he James. (TLOTA nods with sadness in his face.) How many of those lives were that of children.

TLOTA: 999,428 and a half.

Marzgurl: How did you know that and why a half ?

TLOTA: Well Marzgurl, You know how the Critic's catchphrase is "I remember it so you don't have to."?

Marzgurl: Yeah

TLOTA: Well I remember everything because I have no choice, part of my existence is to never forget a damned thing for as long as I live & the reason I added that half was for all the children who were about to be born when Caliverti was destroyed. (Everyone either has the look of either sadness or shock as James said that as Scene cuts to the inside of The X Vault where E-Rod, Malcolm, Tamara, Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Naya Rivera look at a wrist strap with a device on it.)

President Baugh: The time space manipulator. It has never fully functioned. There was a code to activate this but it's been lost in time. (Lea Michele's smartphone rings.)

Mara Wilson: Okay I'll admit THAT is impressive service range.

Lea Michele: It's a text, but I can't figure it out.

Chris Colfer: Maybe it's Nazi German!

Lea Michele: I thought we had discussed this, James is a human, being a republican maybe the only quality I DON'T like about him but all in all he is a good person. Naya can you figure it out?

Naya Rivera: Why not hand it over to Baugh?

Blockbuster Buster: Because giving a Duplecon the code to a time space manipulator was as bad a decision as it was to bring a knife to a gun fight!

Mara Wilson: I was wondering when you and your friends were going to figure it out. (Mara Wilson and President Baugh spit a blue colored viscous liquid and proceed to shake uncontrollably as E-Rod, Malcolm Ray, Tamara Chambers, Lea Michele, Naya Rivera & Chris Colfer run into the room with the Time Space Manipulator as they reveal themselves to be Duplecons.)

Naya Rivera: Okay, that's it next time this year, we're going to Puerto Rico.

Blockbuster Buster: I grew up there. (Porcupine Quill pierces the door as Lea whispers into E-Rod's ear. E-Rod nods and grabs the Time Space Manipulator.)

Tamara: What do we do now?

Lea Michele: Malcolm, see what you can do to hold off the Duplecons, Tamara, Find Mara Wilson and President Baugh it's a possibility they're still in the art vault. Chris, Naya, James' time device is inside the bunker along with ORAC. The flash from this thing should be enough to blind the Duplecons long enough to get James' plan in action. Everybody ready?

Malcolm: We're as ready as we'll ever be!

Lea Michele: Chris, Naya, See ya in Scotland 1560! (Lea Michele enters the code and sets the coordinates to Scotland 1560 and activates it setting off a blinding flash.)