Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Just Add Water: My Mako Adventure: Mako Mermaids Season 2 Part 1

(0:25-1:02 of the Second Season trailer of "Mako Mermaids" plays before cutting to 1:01-1:20 of the trailer as James does a voiceover.)

James Faraci (Voiceover): Love Zac's reaction to his girlfriend growing Gills, Fins, Scales and a Tail! By the by Zac, I just heard from Tommy Wiseau he wants you to be Johnny in a remake of "The Room" and also to say "YOU ARE TEARING ME APART, ZAC!" Welcome my friends To Mako Mermaids Season two.

(Cut to Scenes from season two of "Mako Mermaids" as "I Just Wanna Be" is played in the background before cutting Mako Island before it cuts to a scene of James in a lounge chair and the words "Just Add Water: My Mako Adventure" above James before cutting to clips of the show and the season as James does a voiceover)

James Faraci (Voiceover): Okay before we begin there is some clean up work I need to get to. First off, for some inexplicable reason this season was split in two mini-seasons of thirteen episodes by Netflix here in the States making the second half of Season Two into Season three and next season into season four and just to clarify I'm going with the original amount of seasons and episodes according to the Wikipedia page for Mako Mermaids so take that for what it's worth. In addition actresses Lucy Fry & Ivy Latimer was unavailable to commit for a second season for unknown reasons. Their characters are written out reportedly helping the Pod find a new home and we'll get two replacement characters to fill in the slots of Lyla and Nixie. One who is just there to fill in the third slot and the other one will be a character of importance to the story of this season and the development of Zac, also something interesting to note Gemma Forsyth who played Evie as a supporting character in the first season is upgraded to the main cast, maybe to apologize for "Evie Times Two" or so maybe the writers could get away with using their cache of Cartoonish style punishment onto her. But we'll get to what happens to Evie when we get there in this and the next season, for now let's get into the second season properly.

The season begins with the episode "The Seventh Cycle". With the pod still away from Mako Island in fear of Zac, two new mermaids join Sirena in hopes to bring the pod back to Mako. Ondina played by Isabel Durant and Mimmi played by Allie Bertram. Mimmi apparently is from The Northern Pod.... a less than subtle nod at Allie Bertram's roots. For those who don't know Actress Allie Bertram is from Canada, home of Bret "Hitman" Hart, Wayne Gretzky, Canadian Maple Syrup and Phelous. If you didn't know that well now you do. Anyway The two join Sirena in the hopes of warning him about the Seventh Moon Cycle of a merman however Zac is drawn to the Island the night his Seventh Cycle begins. With no other option Ondina and Mimmi decide to move forward with their plan to use a potion to strip Zac of his tail, powers and connection to the Island. However Evie swims in to save Zac. When Sirena hears that Evie entered into the moon pool, she fears something bad may happen to Evie. Mind you if "H2O: Just Add Water" is in the same continuity as this show, Evie should become a mermaid in 3... 2.... (Show Evie's first transformation and everyone's surprise at this before cutting to clips of "The Seventh Cycle" and then clips of the second season as James does a voiceover.)

James Faraci (Voiceover): "The Seventh Cycle" definitely shook up the status quo of the last season. Nixie & Lyla's departure and Ondina & Mimmi's introduction felt reminiscent of the first, second and final season openers of "H2O" and in the case of  Evie having gone into the Moon Pool and the next morning having become this new thing she didn't expect to be and Zac becoming more connected to Mako Island just adds to the familiarity. We get some great follow-up to the season opener in the next few episodes. In "A Sticky Situation" Evie tries to adapt to having become a mermaid with Zac and Sirena being the most supportive in trying to assist Evie into being a mermaid while Mimmi tries to use a shapeshifting spell to strip Evie of her tail the plan backfires by the end of the episode and everyone involved decides to be more supportive of her in her new life and train her to harness her powers. We're also introduced to Erik in this episode. He'll have a role in this season as well. In the episode "Discovery" Ondina and Zac fear that he will become a threat to the Pod by the next full moon. Using a Moon Ring they hypnotically put Zack into a Trance at Zac's insistence to see what will happen. They find a chamber in which Rita tells the mermaids and Zac about the Chamber and how it was made by Mermen when they had control of the Island during the Great Conflict. Apparently the Island changed hands several times between Mermen and Mermaids also The chamber has the ability to cause Mermaids to disappear into another world where there's nothing but water and no surface to speak of. In the next episode Ondina accidentally exposes the fact she's a mermaid to Erik while Erik in turn tells Ondina he's a merman. YES, There's more mermen than just Zac.

A few episodes later Ondina convinces the Pod and the head of the Mermaid Council, Veridia to give the three until the next full moon to strip Zac of his powers and tail. Also in this episode there is a plot about a kid mermaid named Neppy who for all intent and purposes BUGGED THE HELL OUT OF ME! I know that this is a kid's show and they have to cater to all kids of all ages but this was pandering to the youngest denominator short of a toddler. In the episode before the mid season finale Mimmi admits she has been having visions of Zac to Rita. In that same episode Rita thinks Zac who  has been having visions of Mimmi  throughout the season as well thinks that maybe there was a reason for Zac becoming a merman in the first place.

The story continues in the episode "Reunion". Sirena decides with the next full moon to help Evie properly absorb the powers of the Full moon and control her powers after a filler episode earlier in the season in which Evie had a case of Moon Fever in which she acted like my youngest niece... after she has eaten 1000 chocolate bars... and let loose in the house... unattended. In the meanwhile Veridia decides to get proactive and confronts Zac in the Merman Chamber Rita protects Zac and reveals a shocking twist that Mimmi is in fact Zac's biological sister and a naturally born Merman born to a powerful mermaid named Nerissa. Mimmi stands by her newly found brother and Ondina in turn stands with Zac as well having spent most of this first few episodes of the season hating and fearing him simply because he was a merman. Rita, Ondina, Mimmi and by association Sirena and Evie are subsequently banished from the pod. Zac after regaining his senses and learning of his true heritage takes the news about as well as one can when they discover they were never human at all. (Show ending of "Reunion" before fading to black)

To Be Concluded in Part 2