Monday, November 21, 2016

Behind The Scenes of "Different Cuts: Highlander II"

(Scene starts with John Santos filming in the backroom as James is getting in character as he plays Christopher Lambert)

James Faraci (Doing Christopher Lambert): THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! (Jokingly Kiya)

(Scene cuts to James as he drives up to the studio as Combine Harvester plays in the background.)

James Faraci: So today Olivia is officially joining the team and I am planning on having a celebration after we wrap for the day. (Cut to James filming as Paulo gets ready to become Giorgio A Tsoukalos)

James Faraci (Audio only): So enjoying the transformation?

Paulo Fonseca: After seeing you be this character, I'm glad I'm getting to play it because Olivia thought I was better built for the character than you. No Offense dude.

James Faraci (Audio only): None taken! (Cut to James and Spoony on the couch as they go over their lines as Olivia films.)

Olivia Horvath (Audio only): So what are you two up to?

James Faraci: Just going over lines with Noah and seeing if where and when we can ad-lib and I'm going to have record the same voiceover twice. One if Hillary Wins and the other one if Trump wins and it's a big "IF" if he does wins. Because the popular bet is that Hillary wins and basically I'm history! But we're in a world now where The Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions so anything is a possibility.  (Cut to James and Olivia as they go over the intro scene.)

James Faraci: So this is where you officially join our little group and we meet Spoony and I really think you'll be a welcomed addition to the team.

Olivia Horvath: You think so?

James Faraci: Oh I truly believe you're going to be awesome.

Olivia Horvath: Thanks James.

(Cut to James and Olivia being shocked as Spoony lands and a fart from a Whoopee Cushion is heard and Spoony muffles the infamous ninth doctor lines "Excuse me, do you mind not farting while I'm saving the world?" as James and Olivia laugh and James says "Cut" before seeing Spoony dress up as Doctor Insano)

Eric Kurtzke (Audio only): Neyah, What's up doc?

Noah Antwiler: Well, I'm going to be taking Giorgio A Tsoukalos's unconscious body away after one last ramble about Aliens.

Eric Kurtzke (Audio only): So what is Giorgio's deal with Aliens anyway?

James Faraci (Audio from a distance): The guy in my opinion has a little too much fun with somethings that I wouldn't touch with a fifty yard pole!

Noah Antwiler: I hear that! (Cut to James and Noah flubbing their lines together several times before cutting to Eliza Dushku grabbing a gun in the background as James and Eliza go over the way the lines are supposed to go as Traci Hines films.)

Traci Hines (Audio only): So what is this all about?

Eliza Dushku: James wanted me to grab myself south of the border as I say my lines threatening Spoony while I hold This bad boy and I was a little unsure until James said "It'd be a subtle jab at Donald Trump"

Traci Hines (Audio only): Why are you taking jabs at Trump?

James Faraci: To be honest, Yeah I'm a republican but I know he has a snowball's chance in hell to be president and if he does, I will be completely surprised and I will not envy him because he's gonna have the worst job to ever be put upon any human. I didn't want to be president because I know after I'm elected I'm gonna be the most hated person on the planet!

Traci Hines (Audio Only): Really? So you support Hillary?

James Faraci: Not really but come next Tuesday I'm voting for the lesser of the evils. (Cut to James as he films everyone else getting dressed up as UPS like deliverymen)

John Santos: So Nick, we're using "APS" for our delivery service

Nick Yaun: I mean the other guys wanted an arm and a leg for crying out loud.

Rebecca Yaun: Alright. (Cut to the end of the day as James and everyone celebrate Olivia joining the team as James wheels out a vanilla cake with Olivia's face on it.)

James Faraci: So on behalf of ALL of us we welcome you to our team! Team "Last Of The Americans" (Everyone cheers as James breaks out the Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider before cutting to James filming Olivia as she is enjoying the cake.)

James Faraci (Audio only): So you like the cake?

Olivia Horvath: Absolutely tasty.

James Faraci (Audio only): Made it myself

Olivia Horvath: No wonder it tastes fluffy! (Cut to where everyone is standing and Paulo said "We're The Avengers" and suddenly everyone including James laughs as Spoony pops up and says "That's All Folks" and James laughs again then says "Cut" before cutting to black)