Friday, June 26, 2015

The End Of Mankind Part Three

(Scene starts in Linkara's apartment as he hums his theme song when Jeannie played by Lauren Biggan blinks in)

Jeannie: Hello, you're the friend of my master called Rowdy. (Linkara jumps back in surprise)

Linkara: You are...?

Jeannie: Jeannie

Linkara: Jeannie as in magical creature that grants three wishes Genie? That type of Genie?

Jeannie: That is correct and he and another mutual friend of his needs your ship. Well more specifically your teleportation device to bring them all to these coordinates. (Jeannie hands Linkara a slip of paper before cutting to see Film Brain and Mike J working out the kinks in a crossover before being cross wipe faded away. Then cut to E-Rod's apartment as Lazarus is being cross wipe faded away. Then cutting to The Nostalgia Critic coming in and going through his daily ritual of looking at the empty coffee cup and a picture of Ma-Ti and shedding a tear for his fallen friend before cutting to Malcolm and Tamara waiting in the backroom of the Critic's studio.)

Malcolm: Hey Critic Why do you that...( Malcolm and Tamara are cross wipe faded away before cutting to  The Nostalgia Critic)

Nostalgia Critic: Can't I still regret the actions that killed someone who I abused and should've treated well while he was still alive. Malcolm? Tamara? (Nostalgia Critic feels a tingle in him) What's going on?

(Nostalgia Critic shouts "Whoa! Dwah!" as he is cross wipe faded away before cutting to see The Nostalgia Critic, Malcolm and Tamara in a room with Rowdy, Count Jackula, Handsome Tom & 8-Bit Mickey, The Cartoon Hero, The Comic Strip Critic, Marzgurl, Adorkable Rachel, Todd in The Shadows, Angry Joe, Benzaie, Paw & Elisa, Spoony, C.R., Alex DeCourville, Suede, Chris Stuckmann, Luke Mochrie, Cinema Snob, Linkara and The Nostalgia Critic working his way to the front of the crowd as the camera turns to see everyone in Team "The Last of The Americans" and Lea Michele.)

TLOTA: Welcome everyone. (Cut to an office where Senator Michaud played by Rob Walker sits and watches The Nostalgia Critic slamming "The Haunted Mansion" starring Eddie Murphy and Senator Michaud getting angry when an intern played by Rachel Herrick walks in)

Intern: Senator Michaud, I've gotten word that our inside man has infiltrated his duplicate's home and is working on destroying everything.

Michaud: Excellent.

Intern: Are we going too far. I mean one of them have made a B-Level movie that people really like.

Michaud: Oh my dear intern. They control so much already. We're just returning things to the way they used to be. We'll be doing humanity a favor. Why don't you do me a favor and get me a copy of Fishtales from Amazon. (Cut to everyone standing there not believing James)

TLOTA: I know no one here has a reason to either trust or believe me. I hardly believe it myself. But ORAC confirms it. There is a Rift that's slowly destroying all of time and somehow it's connected to the fact that Nostalgia Critic's future temporal energies now reside in Hyper Fan Girl.

Jamietud: Color me skeptical but we need proof.

TLOTA: Exactly why I hotwired the Dream Amplifier and a projector to ORAC in order to project what happened and maybe we can see what happened. Are you ready Critic?

Nostalgia Critic: NO WAY AM I...!

TLOTA: Not you I mean the Critic that's not you but the you that is....

Hyper Fan Girl (C): Oh for the love of Peat Moss. (Hyper Fan Girl angrily walks over and puts the helmet.) Alright ORAC show them what's inside of my noggin! (A grunt of pain is heard as the device is activated and a hologram of "Critic" played by Barney Walker is seen)

"Critic": If you don't recognize me than allow me to introduce myself. Hello I'm The Nostalgia Critic and I remember it so you don't have to. (The Nostalgia Critic's jaw drops as Tamara and Malcolm snicker)

Malcolm: Wow you let yourself go

"Critic" (Audio only): And if my future wife and friend are snickering at how I look...(Cut to the hologram of "Critic")

"Critic": Allow me to show you how you'll be in forty years. (Holographic pics of Malcolm & Tamara played by Fard Muhammad and Sandy Walker are shown as Tamara and Malcolm joining The Nostalgia Critic in their Jaws being dropped.)

"Critic" (Audio only): Now if I have everyone's attention allow me to show you what will happen if the future is not stopped. (Cut to a black screen before showing a decimated city and other images of a Post Apocalyptic world while "Critic" does a voiceover.)

"Critic" (Voiceover): As you can see, the world we knew has been decimated. Internet reviewers have been considered public enemy Number one and most of those who were and are associated with that profession are now lying in unmarked graves. It all started when one of our own went rouge. It was that one that sided with all that we were against that caused a civil war. Those of us who were friends became enemies. Those who we had minor disagreements in certain areas with became battle cries to destroy each other not only on-line but in real life as well eventually every Government united in our destruction. However in their own hubris they trusted the same one who betrayed us to lead the battle. The one was able to unite them and now rules with an iron fist and those who oppose him are thrown out of time and space into The Paradox Rift. Those who would've lived and those who didn't now reside. I felt a measure of responsibility, So I decided to do what I had to do and I went back in time, though I didn't end up where I wanted to but I'm making with what I have (Cut to the hologram of "Critic"). Now that you're here you must find the one who will betray us. Good Luck. (The Hologram shuts off and cuts to James)

TLOTA: So which one of us becomes our Judas, our Brutus and our Benedict Arnold.

Lazarus Dark (Disguised as E-Rod): Well I say we not wait and find the traitor.

TLOTA: Steady there will be plenty of time he or she will reveal herself soon. I can feel it, but for now we've got a Paradox rift to contain if not stop while trying to stop our Governments from crucifying us and of course stop the mad men with dreams of world domination. We can't split up for any reason, not yet anyways. So the question now is "Where do we start?"