Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The End Of Mankind Part six

(Cut to a quiet hunting camp miles outside of upstate New York as James' time device lands and everyone walks out demoralized)

Paulo: So this is "Safe Haven"?

TLOTA (Audio only): Yep. There's plenty of Bedrooms, no running water but there are outhouses. We have a Kitchen straight out of a restaurant, billiards table, generator, Satellite Television and VHS/DVD Combo, No phone signal or Internet at all but there are more amenities in my time device. So we should be safe for a while, After a couple of days, we prepare.

Film Brain: For what exactly?

Mike J: What do you think Spotted Dick? James' government has declared war and we're the target

Benzaie: Well at least if we decide to surrender I'll do so quickly.

Luke: Benzaie? Shove it!

Comic Strip Critic: It looks like a hunting camp.

TLOTA: It is. And yes we can tap into the power from the time device but it could alert anyone to our whereabouts so for now let's play it safe and oh before I forget there's one bedroom that belongs to the guy who actually runs the camp.

Marzgurl: We can't go in that one.

TLOTA: Yep. Okay everyone settle in. (Cut to later in the day towards the night.)

TLOTA (Audio only as he is carrying a tray of food.): I know you're all used to a certain way of eating but right now it's a moot point what I have on the tray is what we're eating. (Cut to everyone reacting to the tray of meat.)

Lea Michele: That looks like a lot of meat and any guy here says "That's what she said" I will Bobbit-ize you! Comprende? (Every guy crosses their legs in fear and say Comprendo. Before cutting to James at the end of the table.)

TLOTA: Good, now let's all bow our heads. (Everyone bows their head) Father we are grateful to still be together and alive and I pray your light will help us survive the darkness. In your name and your son's name we pray. Amen. (Everyone at the table says Amen and grabs a bite to eat before cutting to Paw awake and outside to see the sunrise.)

Elisa: So that's where my men are.

Paw: Hi pookie, So how have you been doing? It feels like it takes forever for the sun to rise in our apartment. Here it's up and out at like Five in the morning and it feels so good to see it this early. (The sun rises as Paw puts a pair of Sunglasses on Baby Grey as all three see the sun rise and James walks over.)

TLOTA: I take it you're thinking about doing something different like say find a nice quiet place after this and try to restart everything up here away from the stress and the crazy of the life of the city. Why do you think I do a review and editorial/mini-review once a month. This vocation is a cluster of insanity, I need what you have.

Paw: What's that?

TLOTA: This (Pointing to Elisa and Grey) A wife, a child, a little place of my own and a job I love to do. But I don't I have that, because I am "James Faraci The Last Of The Americans" and my job is to express not only my thoughts but so many and it's difficult to have the balance you have. But a part of me but the rest I still want but now the question is When?

Paw: If you want it, it'll come to you when it wants to.

TLOTA: Thanks, The advice makes no sense but I appreciate it, we've got to get training, come on let's get going. (All of them walk down as the sun rises and then cuts to everyone training in a montage similar to the first live action "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie before cutting to James rubbing Lea's Shoulders)

Lea Michele: You know for someone as big as you are your hands are so good at this.

TLOTA: Thanks.

Lea Michele: You know something. If we survive this, do you think we might try living together before we take that dive?

TLOTA: Lea...(Paulo coughs off screen then jumps on to the couch next to the two.)

Paulo: Mind if I relax a bit?

TLOTA: It's a free country while it still can be one. You know something. I have to ask you something.

Paulo: Like you said, it's a free country while it still can be one.

TLOTA: When I screamed at you, I was trying to sacrifice myself so you guys could get a chance to survive.

Paulo: But it was against our honor code we have as citizens of Sullivan County to leave one of our own. We're bound to stand by each other and our county. We are bound by blood, bound by heart and soul and we are bound to live and die for Sullivan County.

TLOTA: Okay dude, now you're starting to cross the line. You can question my sanity, my intelligence, my health but never question my loyalty to Sullivan County.

Paulo: You're right. (Paulo turns on the TV News as the news reporter played by Carey Denise Moore)

News reporter: And in political news The Internet Protection Act is being fast tracked especially when Senator Michaud was seen outside of what appeared to be a destroyed safe house for internet based terrorists....(Cut to James standing up)


(Cut to Senator Michaud on the television)

Senator Michaud: My fellow Americans, this is a reason why people like you and I deserve a better internet, an internet without these terrorists like the one called "Rowdy" or "Linkara" and.... (Cut to James, Lea & Paulo looking on and listening in as the audio continues.)

Senator Michaud (Audio only): It is clear that while they exist, they threaten our way of life. So it is with a heavy heart that I...(James grabs the remote and shuts off the Television)


Eric: What's up?!

TLOTA: We're heading back.

John Santos: Why?

TLOTA: Senator Michaud has forced our hand. I'm not going to let him get the win. (Everyone who stayed at the camp flood the Time Device.) ORAC! Open communications to Comicron One.

Linkara (Audio only): Linkara here.

TLOTA: Linkara, get Comicron One to the Studio.

Linkara (Audio Only): A bit of a problem. The Gellar is attacking me!

TLOTA: What?! (Cut to the interior of Comicron one slightly battle damaged)

Linkara: Yeah I don't what's going on over there but we're under attack. I've got a feeling it's Jackula on a Sugar rush. (Cut to the inside of James' time device)

TLOTA: I doubt it, Patch me to Jamietud. Jamietud can you hear me?(Cut to the interior of Comicron one slightly battle damaged)

Jamietud: Yeah dude what's up?

TLOTA (Audio only): Did you do the analysis I asked for you?

Jamietud: Yep. I found the connection and I came up with a way to break it.

TLOTA (Audio only): Send it to Rowdy.

Jamietud: I tried but he's not responding.

TLOTA (Audio only): Hang on. (Cut to James and everyone else physically.)

TLOTA: Help is on it's way.