Sunday, June 28, 2015

The End Of Mankind Part Four

(Scene starts two days later as Senator Michaud gets wind that his plans are close to being foiled and angered to no end.)

Senator Michaud: Intern, The number for the infiltrator, NOW (Cut to everyone just waiting around having a bite to eat and bored to death.)

Todd In The Shadows: You're Count Jackula aren't you?

Count Jackula: Yep. Got any horror movies?

Todd In The Shadows: Nope. Got any Pop songs that make me angry?

Count Jackula: Do I look like I'm into pop songs?

Todd In The Shadows: Touche. (Cut to Paw and Elisa changing Baby Grey's Diaper when the smell of it knocks out Benzaie, Eric Kurtzke, Jamietud, Alex DeCourville, Spoony, Paulo and Rebecca Fonseca, John & Mike Santos, Linkara, Malcolm & Tamara as they walk past the two before Lea Michele walks by.)

Lea Michele: Geez what do you feed your kid? Wait a second? I've seen you before. Haven't I?

Elisa Hanson-Schuler: Well maybe?

Lea Michele: No, no, no, you dress up like a Victorian Stevie Nicks?

Elisa Hanson-Schuler: Well on occasion.

Lea Michele: And then you review Vampire movies and merchandise.

Paw: Look I'm sure my wife is someone you think she is but right now we're busy taking care of our son and he's fidgeting while I'm trying to get the ointment on his tuchus so he doesn't chafe. So if you don't mind PISS OFF!

Lea Michele: What got into you? I was just inquiring if she was the same person that tormented my boyfriend last October. (Lea Michele walks off in a huff.)

Elisa: You came off a bit too strong.

Paw: Well between trying to take care of our son and fans wanted to see "Music Movies" return and now all this. I'm trying to stay sane in an insane world and the pressure can make people a little snappy. (Cut to Linkara contacting Comicron-One and Nimue)

Linkara: Nimue any changes to the Paradox rift?

Nimue (Audio only): Currently everything appears to be stable.

Linkara: Well if anything changes, let me be the first to know.

(James walks up to Linkara)

TLOTA: Good thinking as a matter of fact I need you and a team to examine the Paradox Rift. Bring E-Rod with you.

Linkara: Okay Snob, Stuckmann, Jamietud, Todd, C.R..Adorkable Rachel, Handsome Tom & 8-Bit Mickey. I need you on board Comicron-One with me to observe the Rift. E-Rod I need you as well.

TLOTA: Take the Exit Strategy as backup also bring with you Count Jackula, Alex DeCourville, Rowdy & Suede with you.

Lazarus Dark (Disguised as E-Rod): Sure thing.

TLOTA: Excellent. Rowdy a word with you in Private!

Count Jackula: Oh Cool I get to fly in a spaceship, I'll fire lasers and be as bad ass as I am!

TLOTA: Okay everyone good luck. Right now E-Rod & Linkara will be keeping an eye on the Rift.

Hyper Fan Girl (C) (Audio only): Excuse me! (Cut to Hyper Fan Girl Physically walking towards James)

Hyper Fan Girl (C): I'd like to help out too.

TLOTA: Am I talking to Fan Girl or "Critic" now?

Hyper Fan Girl (C): Both

TLOTA: That makes no sense.

Hyper Fan Girl (C): Of course, it's not supposed to make sense.

TLOTA: Fine, Go with E-Rod on board The Exit Strategy.

Nostalgia Critic: Wait a second, where she goes I have to follow.

TLOTA: For obvious reasons. Take care. You two will report to me on the hour every hour possible.

Linkara: You got it!

Lazarus Dark (Disguised as E-Rod): I'll report to you myself.

TLOTA: Thanks. Everybody ready? (Linkara and his team give James the Thumbs Up as does Lazarus and his team.) Good luck. (Both teams teleport to their respective ships.)

The Cartoon Hero: Anything you need us for?

TLOTA: As a matter of fact I do. I need you, Paulo, Rebecca and John Santos to find Senator Michaud. He's supporting this "Internet Protection Act and I need...(An explosive device explodes outside James' office building.) ORAC! Report!

ORAC: Someone has blasted through the shielding.

TLOTA: We have been compromised something tells me the Saboteur isn't playing around. Jeannie get the rest of us to Chicago. Specifically The Nostalgia Critic's studio. Wait, I can't forget ORAC! (James runs as he encounters a group of soldiers without faces ready to gun him down before he is rescued by a fleet of Caliverterian Soldiers coming in from behind them and he decides to stand with them and summons The Sword Of Caliverti, The Ring of Aeon, Emmalina's Locket and the Gem From The Gauntlet Malachite's Hand before cutting to James looking in the backroom.)


Jeannie: But what will happen to you James, friend of my master.

TLOTA: It doesn't matter, They're the key to stopping this. Get out. NOW!

Rebecca: James don't.

Paulo: Wait, I've got an idea. (Cut to all that remains running into James' time device.)

Paulo: ORAC! Rescue plan Delta.

ORAC: He may not like it.

Paulo: Just do it. (Cut to Rebecca and Paulo grabbing the Keys to activate the time device and inserting them into the slots to turn them before cutting to James and the Caliverterian Soldiers jumping over a dead faceless soldier just for the ability taking out ten of the faceless soldiers when the open door to James' time device swallows all of them up as the door closes and the time device flies off then cutting to James walking to the main console to drop Paulo like a bad habit)

Paulo: No way, we're are Sullivan loyal. We never leave one of our own behind. (James takes a calming breath)

TLOTA: You're right. I'm sorry. Setting coordinates for "Safe Haven" ORAC! Send a message. "The Base has been compromised. Send no reply. Stay hidden. Send no reply. Our saboteur has jumped the gun and now we've got to go to our end game. Send no reply Do Not Go Home, Repeat Do Not Go Home Send no reply." (Scene cuts to James' time device flying in the sky before fading to black)