Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Day Of The Hero Part 6

(Scene cuts to Malcolm lying on the floor as the Duplecons as Tamara, President Baugh & Mara Wilson come in to see Duplecons transform into Duplicates of everyone in the room and even Chester A. Bum, Ask That Guy, Evilena, Mr. Zebub and even the Angry Video Game Nerd.)

President Baugh: Well, this is awkward.

President Baugh (D): So the solution is to do what?

President Baugh: Do something I never thought I had to. Engage final solution protocol.

Everyone else in the room: Final Solution Protocol?

President Baugh: If this vault was ever compromised I would do the only thing left to do. Blow us all to kingdom come. Sitting underneath us is twenty tons of dynamite. Though it may have looked like I set it off. The Nostalgia Critic's load was set one acre outside of Molossia this load will send us all to kingdom come and in three hours we all go kaboom! (Scene cuts to James carrying power cords to hook into the engines of the Exit Strategy. Meanwhile everyone else is adjusting the settings to adapt the Exit Strategy to James' time traveling device.)

E-Rod & Obscurus Lupa: That should do the trick.

TLOTA: Good work! E-Rod have JARVIS & ORAC amplify the frequency and signal strength to any communications device. We HAVE to get in touch within the X-Vault. Rowdy, Keep this sucker level!

Rowdy: What do you think I'm doing?! Playing Mario Kart?

TLOTA: Sorry.

(Scene cuts to the inside of the X-Vault)

TLOTA (Audio only) Calling those inside the X-Vault, I am James Faraci, The Last Of The Americans, President Baugh, if you're listening, You destroy the vault & all of Molossia and this will not look good with any diplomatic advancements made between America & Molossia.

President Baugh: I'd rather wipe Molossia off the planet than have the technology be used in the wrong hands. (Scene cuts to the inside of the Exit Strategy.)

Hero: Baugh, listen it's easy to just simply do something because you have no other option. I'm currently in one myself but to destroy something because you're in a bind doesn't make things right.

ORAC: Alert all communications links have been severed.

Nostalgia Critic: Preservation Orbs. Spoony can these things be used open a portal?

Spoony: I guess.

TLOTA: Critic? What have you got cooking in your head? (Scene cuts to hours ago as Baugh is greeting everyone outside of Molossia when a phone rings and the oldest son picks up.)

Oldest son: Hello. (Cut to The Exit Strategy)

TLOTA: As soon as your father is done with showing the "No More" art piece take it to the X-Vault and BE CAREFUL. (Cut to the Oldest Son on the Phone.)

Oldest son: But how can you be on the phone when I saw you and your associates like seconds ago. (Cut to the Exit Strategy)

TLOTA: I've got a time traveling device.(Cut to the Oldest Son on the Phone.)

Oldest son: Okay. (Cut to the Exit Strategy)

TLOTA: Now that's done, all we have to do is...Find a way in. ORAC?

ORAC: I am currently finalizing the calculations, accessing temporal coordinates, locking in on Caliverti! (Scene cuts to everyone in Caliverti doing everything to get to the temporal nexus point where everyone pulls out a sonic screwdriver and slams a Viking through the glass pane in the "No More" art piece.)

Nostalgia Critic: Hello I'm The Nostalgia Critic and I remember it so you don't have to.

Nash: Sorry about the Viking.

Lea Michele: And the mess.

TLOTA: Well, you've got one hour to come to a peaceful solution otherwise, none of us are getting out alive. (Uses Sonic Screwdriver to short out The Elevator.)

President Baugh: Well we can't agree how we all can get along in peace.

President Baugh (D): So what chance do you think none of us will leave in pieces!

TLOTA: Simple. All right guys phase two! (James and Everyone who is the real deal put on sunglasses save for President Baugh & The Duplecons.) One thing I like the most is a multi-tasker so...(All who hold a sonic screwdriver flip the other end up to pull out a neuralizer and all activate the neuralizer function.) All right you're going to shut down the Final Solution Protocol and come to an agreement that will last for ages and just once, everything goes right!


President Baugh: So we've got some discussions to get through.

President Baugh(D): Indeed.

TLOTA: Well, that's one problem solved. The other ones are going to be less difficult, I hope.

Spoony: Hey despite the fact you and your friends consider me scum for making that joke to JesuOtaku, I handled the Mary Queen Of Scots thing already.

Linkara: That leaves him...(Show empty chair)

Linkara (Audio only): Where did he go? (Cut to the abandoned Farm House with the Apocalator ready to go and Hero knowing what is about to happen when a whoosh is heard as James' time device comes in and everyone comes in.)

Hero: When did you guys know?

Nostalgia Critic: When James nodded in sadness about Caliverti.

TLOTA: All this time we thought you were wrong and maybe it was for the best we forget you because we had to. But now we know you were in the ultimate no win situation.

Linkara: A Kobayashi Maru, Damned for every decision no matter what you did. This time, you don't have to do it alone.

Hero: You'll carry this burden as much as I'll have to.

TLOTA: Not really. After all we've been through. Do you think we'd help someone take the easy way out? Everyone, step back. (James pulls out the Sonic Screwdriver and shuts off the Apocalator.)

Conscience: Smart move.

Hero: What are you doing?

TLOTA: Showing you what you're going to stop. ORAC access the Holoprojector. (Holoprojector shows everyone the people running, including children intercut with everyone either looking at everything that's happening with sadness, anger or a mix of both.)

TLOTA (Audio only): These are the people, the people that we saved, the people who once looked upon us as their saviors and now you want to wipe them off the planet. I once thought that the name you choose is a promise you made to yourself. What was that promise?

Nostalgia Critic: To protect what was good and to destroy the bad.

Hero: To never act in cowardice or in vanity and always no matter what do what was right.

Linkara, Phelous, Sci-Fi Guy, Malcolm Ray, Tamara Chambers: To be loyal to ourselves and serve no masters

Rowdy, Film Brain, Luke Mochrie, Suede, 8-Bit Mickey, Bennett, Todd, Marzgurl, Lupa, & Everyone else: To protect all we can no matter the cost. (Holoprojector shuts off.)

Hero: But can we do, there are thousands of thousands of Vikings attacking

TLOTA: But they don't know we're here! (Hero laughs and everyone gets excited with Spoony shouting YES! repeatedly.)

Rowdy: James, I rarely say this but damn it man you are a genius!

Hero: No wonder I went through what I did. He didn't show me any future. He showed me the future I HAD TO SEE! (Laughing as everyone else has a confused look on their face.) MA-TI if you were a woman I'd kiss you! (Laughing as the Nostalgia Critic turns to face Hero)

Conscience: Yeah, even if I were a chick, you'd have no chance

Nostalgia Critic: Wait a second! Did you just say Ma-Ti?

Naya Rivera: So what is this ingenious plan?

Hero: Those Vikings are attacking from all sides. But with what we're going to do will get them to attack each other.

TLOTA: By moving Caliverti off the map. Putting it away in a parallel pocket dimension.

Rowdy: Protecting it

Linkara: Preserving it

Hero Like....A....PAINTING! (Everyone smiles as scene cuts to inside the war room.)

General Alonzo: What is it this time?

Soldier: Someone dropped this off. (Pulls out a preservation orb and it starts to glow as images appear all over the hall.)

TLOTA: General, I am James Faraci, The Last Of The Americans inside my time device with the Rowdy Reviewer. (Scene cuts to see James' time device flying then cuts back to General Alonzo.)

Nostalgia Critic: Hello I'm the Nostalgia Critic, myself, Linkara, and several others of our associates are onboard Comicron-One! (Scene cuts to exterior of Comicron-One flying then cuts back to General Alonzo.)

Hero: Hero here with Lea Michele, Naya Rivera & Chris Colfer onboard and flying in the Vigilant! (Scene cuts to the Vigilant flying then cuts back to General Alonzo.)

Blockbuster Buster: Greetings Caliverterians, I'm E-Rod & I'm The Blockbuster Buster and I'm onboard the USS Exit Strategy. (Scene cuts to the Exit Strategy flying then cuts back to General Alonzo.)

General Alonzo: What is the meaning of this?

TLOTA: We have a plan, I'm not sure it'll work but I'm confident enough to know it has to.

General Alonzo: What plan?

Nostalgia Critic: We're going to use a preservation orb and preserve Caliverti.

General Alonzo: Are you men mad? (Cuts to James inside his time device as Rowdy prepares the Preservation Orb calculation.)

General Alonzo(Audio only): Just why would you do this madness?

TLOTA: Because the alternative to this is to watch Caliverti be wiped off the map. (Cut to the Vigilant.)

Hero: I saw it. (Cut to James' time device)

TLOTA: And I vowed to your once Queen Emmalina never to see it happen, not as long as I live. (Cut to Comicron-One.)

Nimue: All ships are moving at equidistant intervals around Caliverti!

Linkara: Excellent.

Nostalgia Critic: Equidistant, such a big word. (Cut to the war room)

General Alonzo: We'd be lost in time forever. (Cut to James' time device)

General Alonzo (Audio only): We would have nothing.


TLOTA: And right now that's the one thing you don't have! (Cut to the War room)

General Alonzo: This madness you talk about, it would take hundreds upon thousands of centuries to complete. (Cut to Comicron-One)

Film Brain: It would for the average person, but we got some help in that area. (Cut to the Vigilant)

Lea Michele: A LOT of help. (Cut to James' time machine.)

TLOTA: Two men in flying armor, A team of rogue figures, several captains of ships and Thirteen Doctors! (Scene cuts to outside of Caliverti as thirteen Tardises, the ships seen in the Star Trek universe, The Millennium Falcon, Iron Man & War Machine comes into view.)

12 (Audio only): Calling the council of Caliverti. (Switches to Peter Capaldi's eyes staring into the war room.) This is the 13 doctors. (Audio of Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Iron Man & Superman franchises about how they're on their way is heard as everyone in the war room looks to see who is helping.)

Soldier: Sir, the invaders know something is happening, their ferocity is increasing. (Audio continues of those getting involved moving forward.)

General Alonzo: Do it, Do it now all of you. (Scene cuts to James' time device.)

General Alonzo (Audio only): DO IT!

TLOTA: Okay (Cut to The Vigilant, USS Exit Strategy & Comicron one)

TLOTA (Audio only): Everyone, let's do it! (Cut to James' time device.)

TLOTA: GERONIMO! (Scene cuts to Caliverti as James' time device flies over Caliverti)

Rowdy (Audio only): WAA-HOOOOO! (Cut to Comicron-One.)

Linkara: PUNCH

Nash: THAT

Nostalgia Critic: SHIT! (Cut to USS Exit Strategy.)

Blockbuster Buster: Allons-Y! (Cut to The Vigilant.)

Hero: For the fricking love of Peat Moss! CALIVERTI STANDS! (Preservation Orbs hum as scene cuts to a blinding white light surrounding Caliverti and an inward woosh is heard then a thunderous boom as a wave moves toward the camera as scene cuts to a museum where everyone looks at the "NO MORE" art piece.)

Rowdy: So the debate is still up for grabs as to what is the title to this thing is, I take it.

Spoony: What are the titles of this thing?

Nostalgia Critic: Either "No More" or "Caliverti Falls".

Spoony: Oh.

TLOTA: Do any of you guys think we made a difference?

Hero: I hope so. It's better to succeed in trying to do what was right, than failing and doing the wrong thing!

8 Bit Mickey: Hey guys we'd better get a move on it, The curator kind of wants the janitorial staff to clean the place up so we better get going soon.

Hero: I guess you're right there Mickey. I'd better be going myself and I hope all of you can be a little more like James & Rowdy. (James & Rowdy smile as Hero walks away waving goodbye and eventually coming to a field of grass as winds pick up and Hero watches his hands glow and his body become like sand.) Of course, Did everything I could. Here's hoping the next generation can do better than I can. (Hero's body continue to be reduced to sand while he smiles as scene cuts back to the Museum.)

Spoony: Well, Uh Dr. Insano has been dealt with, I have no need for a starship.

Blockbuster Buster: DIBS!

Spoony: Well, that was handled rather quickly. So you mind if some of us take back home.

Blockbuster Buster: Sure. Linkara, can drop the rest of the guys off.

Rowdy: I'm gonna hitch a ride with James.

Lea Michele: Me Too

Naya Rivera: Same here

Chris Colfer: Ditto

Nostalgia Critic: Linkara, give me five minutes and we'll roll.

Linkara: Sure. (Everyone else walk out as Lea Michele, Naya Rivera, Chris Colfer, James & Rowdy look at the "No More" art piece)

Nostalgia Critic: So food for thought?

TLOTA: I could curate this piece. I'd be great at curating, I'd be "The Great Curator". Retire "The Last Of The Americans" persona and be the Curator of this piece.

Curator (Audio only): You know something, Curating art pieces is a fantastic job, but not everyone is cut out for it. (Everyone looks as the camera cuts to behind the Curator.)

TLOTA: I never forget someone truly fantastic. (Camera cuts to see the curator as portrayed by Christopher Eccleston)

Curator: I'm just that way I suppose and in the years to come, you'll meet more than your fair share of people like that. You were curious about this piece. President Kevin Baugh Of Molossia donated this piece for this museum. Tell me what do you make of the title?

TLOTA: Which one? There's two. "No More" & "Caliverti Falls" (Curator scoffs.)

Curator: Well, someone didn't see it the right way. It's all one title: "Caliverti Falls No More" so what do you think the title means, Eh?

TLOTA: That Caliverti didn't fall, We did it, Caliverti is still out there!

Curator: Well, I'm just a curator, I wouldn't know anything about what you're talking about.

TLOTA: Then where is it?

Curator: Good Question.


Curator: Lost! Shhh! Perhaps everything does have a tendency to get lost. But you must excuse me, you guys will have a lot of work to do.

TLOTA: Really, I mean is that what I'm going to do go look for Caliverti again?

Curator: Perhaps or maybe perhaps it'll find you. If I were in your position. (Chuckles) If I were in your position or perhaps you were in my position. (Chuckles) or perhaps we're both in the same position. (James & The Curator Chuckle as Nostalgia Critic looks in shock, Rowdy has one thought on his mind & Lea, Naya & Chris Colfer are thinking the same thought.) Congratulations to you and your friends.

TLOTA: Thank you very much.

Curator: Or perhaps it doesn't matter either way. Who knows what will happen? Who Knows?

TLOTA: So, I guess we've got one more go around. What do you guys think?

Everyone else: No!

TLOTA: Oh come on tell me you guys haven't had some fun.

Nostalgia Critic: Oh yeah, screwing up the Time Space continuum finding and then just finding trouble. We're done!

TLOTA: C'mon Rowdy didn't you enjoy fighting for something bigger than yourself.

Rowdy: A little but I agree with the Critic. I'm done.

Naya Rivera: Besides you've got more important things to worry about.

Chris Colfer: Yeah, You're going back to reviewing.

TLOTA: Lea revive their sense of adventure.

Lea Michele: James Benjamin Faraci, we've got our own thing to do soon.

TLOTA: Aw Man.

Chris Colfer: Your middle name is Benjamin? I thought it would've been Adolf!

TLOTA: KNOCK IT OFF NOW! (Scene cuts to James looking around in his time device.)

TLOTA (Audio only): Lea asks if I dream of anything outside of her. "Of course I do" I reply. "What do I dream about?" she'll ask me and my reply is "Where we're going in life, the future." Lea laughs at that and says "We're going to be around for a long time, where we're going to go is anywhere we want to.". I believe that, I also believe in one thing: Hope. And now I have that and a destination. My journey now is no different than anyone else's, it's taken so much of my life but now I know what I have to do, where I want to go. A new home, the long way around. (Camera pulls back to see all of Channel Awesome, Rowdy C & everybody else)

(End credits roll with the following as credited Sets Desginged & Built by Jim Jarosz & Robert Faraci, Director Of  Photography: Ed Glaser, Special FX Supervisor Jim Troken, Main Theme by Michael “Skitch” Schiciano. Cast Doug Walker: Nostalgia Critic/Chester A Bum/Ask That guy, Lindsay Ellis: Nostalgia Chick, Lewis Lovhaug: Linkara, Brad Jones: Cinema Snob, Todd Nathanson: Todd In The Shadows, Eric Rodriguez: E-Rod The Blockbuster Buster,Chris Lee Moore: Rowdy, Rebecca Fonsecca: Emmalina, James Faraci: James Faraci, The Last Of The Americans, Bruce Campbell: Hero, Christopher Eccleston: Curator, Jill Bearup: Mary Queen Of Scots, Lea Michele: Lea Michele, Naya Rivera: Naya Rivera, Chris Colfer: Chris Colfer, Joe Vargas: Angry Joe, Matthew Buck: Film Brain, Phelan Porteous: Phelous, Allison Pregler: Obscurus Lupa, Nash Bozard: Nash, Bennett White: Bennett The Sage, Luke Mochrie: Luke Mochrie,  JewWario, Kaylyn Dicksion: Marzgurl, Leo Thompson: Sci-Fi Guy, Kyle Kallgren: Oancitizen, Brian Heinz: Priest, James Rolfe: Angry Video Game Nerd, Benjamin Daniel: Benzaie, William DuFresne: Suede, Rachael Tietz: Rachael, Malcolm Ray: Malcolm Ray, Tamara Chambers Noah Antweiller: Spoony, Bhargav Dronamraju: The Conscience. Then more crew credited Additional FX by Jim Troken, Andrew Dickman, Allen Stephens, Script Supervisors: James Faraci,Jillian Zurawski, Melissa Kent, CG Background & Opening Credits by Marek Wodzinski, Christy Romano’s Mermaid tail provided by The Mertailor Eric Ducharme, Mermaid Wranglers: Rob Walker, Melissa Kent, Jillian Zurawski, Matthew Buck & Eric Ducharme, Post Lighting effects by Rob Walker & Jim Troken, Props by Jim Jarosz, Justin Barnes, Terrence Dellinger, Ghostbusters Chicago Division, Additional Music from, Proscores, Kevin Macleod, Classical Pieces Special Thanks To We Shot First(Justin Barnes, Haley Barnes & Terrence Dellinger), Jim Jarosz, Ed Glaser, Rob Walker, Jillian Zurawski, Jamez & Carrie, Mike Michaud, Holly Christine Brown, Ghostbusters Chicago Division, Chris Lee Moore, Rebecca Fonsecca, James Faraci, Erin Walker, Robin Walker, Eric Ducharme, Everyone who worked their ASSES off in making this film. Thank You so VERY much for your dedication to this madness. Post End Credit scene of  Doctor Insano from first person perspective.)
Dr. Insano: D'oh, Where am I? Huh? What's this? (Pulls note off of his lab jacket) "You've become too much of a threat, so I decided it was best for you to be banished to 1560. If you hear Mary Queen Of Scots, Drink the formula on the ground in front of you. Good luck, God & Science speed. Spoony." OH SON OF A BITCH!
Mary Queen Of Scots(Audio only): My Love?
Dr. Insano: Crap, um, uh, Ah-Ha! (Opens the vial for the formula and camera shakes uncontrollably as a white light engulfs Dr. Insano and Mary Queen Of Scots finds Dr. Insano.)
Mary Queen Of Scots: Ah there you are, I've met this wonderful man, an Alchemist called Aeon he wishes to show us something he calls Science. Would that pique your interests? (Camera pans to see Dr. Insano looking and dressed like the painted image from the Art Vault.)
Dr. Insano: That would be a delightful idea, let us be on our way my dear. (The two walk back to the castle as the camera goes up to see the Castle of Mary Queen of Scots then cuts to black and Channel Awesome Mark Two closing credit.)